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Adilo Lifetime Deal - Powerful, Ultra-Secure Video Hosting Platform

$79/Lifetime $468 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

After all that creative work, you still need a way to optimize your videos for views and turn those views into customers.

Imagine a video hosting platform packed with dynamic tools to help you boost engagement and conversions, all while keeping your content secure on the cloud.

Meet Adilo.


Adilo is an ultra-secure and powerful video hosting platform with tools that help you drive engagement, generate sales, and increase conversions. With this tool, you will enjoy fast HD, SD, and 4K audio and video hosting, completely ad-free with all in one dashboard to manage your content.

Its customizable and sleek video player allows you to change the player’s colors and add your logo to match your branding. You can use the real-time analytics and engagement heatmap, visualize your video performance and identify areas of improvement. You can also apply SEO settings to get all your videos ranking on search engine results to drive more traffic.

Adilo Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

1. Video Creation

Record 4K videos in 1 click: Quickly create and send personalized video messages that get attention using Adilo SnapByte software. Record your screen, camera or both.

Request videos from 3rd party: Share your snap links with customers, followers or contractors and let them record videos for you. Nothing to download or install

2. Hosting & Management

Upload audios and videos: Alongside video hosting, we also allow you to host recorded podcasts, audiobooks, music and audio files on your Adilo video cloud.

Unlimited storage capacity: On some of Adilo select plans, you can store unlimited amount of media in your account

Drag n’ drop multi-upload support: Adilo uploader widget is drag n’ drop capable and also supports upload of up to 10 video/audio files at once.

Multi-file ingestion capacity: We support most popular video and audio file extensions including mp4, mov, avi, wmv, mp3, wav

Collaboration & multi-user support: Bring your team onboard, add as many users as you want into your account (on select plans), assign permissions and collaborate.

Organize with projects: Stay organized and sort your videos in project for easier management.

Cloud encoding & repackaging for web: Every video and audio uploaded to Adilo platform is encoded in Adilo cloud farm and repackaged with HLS/DASH protocols for adaptive web streaming

Video management tools: All the tools you need to manage your video/audio files in 1 place. Easily copy, delete, move or replace videos in 1-click.

Multi-resolution production: To speed up video delivery and avoid buffering, we create and store 3 – 7 different resolutions of every video/audio uploaded to Adilo platform.

Optimized for search engine rankings: All your videos are optimized to dominate search rankings. Adilo videos always rank well in major search engines around the world.

Build your own video channels: To speed up video delivery and avoid buffering, we create and store 3 – 7 different resolutions of every video/audio uploaded to Adilo platform.

Integrated with popular platforms: Adilo is integrated with popular CRM and ESP platforms your already use including Zapier, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GoToWebinar etc.

Custom domains: Deploy your own business domain names for your videos and channels and keep everything on brand.

3. Video Player & Streaming

Lightweight HTML5 4K Player: Adilo video player is super lightweight with total size of less than 100kb making it one of the fastest, lightest 4K video players ever built

Cross-device responsive: Your videos will play flawlessly on every device, every browser and every screen including smartphones, tablets, workstations and smart TVs.

Branding + customisation: Easily customize your video player to match your branding colors, add your own logos and make it yours.

Smart thumbnails, autoplay & looping: Easily loop your videos, or autoplay them to capture attention. Upload beautiful custom image or video thumbnails to get more views

Full video player controls: Every control you need to stream your videos your way. Hide the playbar or show it, turn on or turn off any player control icon you want, the power is yours.

Square and vertical video support: Adilo is the first business video hosting platform to natively support square and vertical videos.

Embed and publish videos anywhere: We give you many video embedding options including standard iFrame, inline javascript, popover embeds or even send via email.

MP4 & M3U8 for webinar & set tops: Beyond code embeds, we also provide you with direct mp4 and m3u8 streaming links for your videos to plug directly into you set top boxes and webinars.

Stream preloading technology: Adilo  flagship stream preloading technology makes Adilo video player the fastest… your videos are ready to be watched even before viewer clicks play.

Video CDN for faster delivery: All videos are chunked for adaptive streaming and delivered via Adilo video CDN with a backbone of 30+ Tbps network speed & over 40 PoPs

Build beautiful video playlists: Quickly build and add video playlists to your websites. Perfect for your tutorials, video series and more.

Video pages, watch pages & comments: If you don’t want to embed your videos, you can share your video page and watch page link all fully hosted by Adilo with commenting features.


Get a beautiful, lightweight, and customizable 4K video player for buffer-free streaming!

4. Engagement & Marketing

Display opt-in forms on videos: Collect leads directly inside your videos, display lead capture forms at any timestamp on your videos. Collect names, email addresses and phone numbers.

Contact management: A contact management dashboard to store all the leads you collect from your video. Delete or export contacts at anytime, see watch history etc.

Behavioral auto-tagging: Automatically tag your contacts based on how they consume your content, what videos they watched, how engaged they are and so much more.

Display banners and call to action: Easily display clickable call to action links, buy buttons, banners and images directly on your videos and promote your offers.

Show recommended videos: Show related videos to your viewers at the end of each video and keep them watching.

Display maps, HTMLs and redirect to links: Display maps, directions and any HTML code you want on top of your videos, you can also automatically redirect viewers to any link at the end of your video.

Video chapters for interactivity: Add chapters to your videos and make them easier to watch, keep your viewers interacting especially on long video content.

Video experimentation: Quickly split test your thumbnails to increase video views or split 2 different videos and see which one converts more and makes more sales.


Easily set up video split testing campaigns inside Adilo to see which content converts best!

Automated video streaming: Schedule when your videos will start streaming and when they’ll stop streaming, create life-like viewing experience, build buzz and increase conversion.

Video ad pixels retargeting: Install and fire multiple advert pixels inside your videos as viewers watch it and use it to build custom audience of red hot buyers for retargeting.

Automated & accurate captions: In 3 clicks, automatically generate accurate captions that increase comprehension on your videos by over 300% leading to more sales.

Subtitle video in other languages: Also, with 3 more clicks… you can subtitle your videos for free in up to 31 different languages and gain audience and customers in huge, untapped markets.

Real time video analytics: Get real time analytics of your videos. See how your videos are performing live, what you need to improve and which country is sending you the most traffic.

Resume video play functionality: Save viewers sessions when they watch your video halfway without completely and automatically resume video so they pick up where they left.

Sticky video player functionality: Detect viewer’s mouse movement and sticky your video to the right side bar and keep playing once the viewer begins scrolling so you retain attention.

Pause on scroll intelligence: Monitor when viewers scroll away from your videos or browser to another tab and automatically pause your video, continue playing if user returns.


Adilo uses unbreakable, multi-DRM, anti-piracy technology to provide 360-degree content security for all of your videos.

5. Security & Anti-Piracy

Standard video privacy: Lock your videos with passwords and whitelist domains you want your videos to play on. You can also disable right click on videos and set private viewing links.

Geo-location blocking: A contact management dashboard to store all the leads you collect from your video. Delete or export contacts at anytime, see watch history etc.

Multi-DRM anti-piracy technology: First class content security and anti-piracy technology to protect your premium videos, online courses from piracy, illegal downloads, and copying.

Dynamic visual watermarks: Display personalized, dynamic and moving visual watermarks on videos and deter viewers from screen recording and copying your videos illegally.

Click Here To Learn more about Adilo features.

Adilo Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Adilo is a powerful, ultra-secure video hosting platform with tools that help drive engagement, increase conversions, and generate sales.


Features included in all plans
  • Team collaboration
  • Video branding and watermarking
  • Advanced streaming technology
  • Unlimited ad-free video and audio hosting
  • Customizable video and audio player
  • High-performance video delivery using CDN
  • Smart video recorder and video requester suite
  • Easy project management and collaboration
  • Video playlist, chapters, and split testing
  • Custom video controls
  • Lead captures, CTAs, and many interaction tools
  • Google and Facebook Ads pixel integration suite
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  • Get a $10 discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.

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Appsumo-Lifetime-Deal with 10% Discount

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Adilo Best For : Content creators, Online coaches, Videographers

Alternative to : Vimeo

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License Tier 1

$79/Lifetime $468 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 2

$149/Lifetime $588 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 3

$229/Lifetime $948 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 4

$339/Lifetime $1,188 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 5

$429/Lifetime $1,548 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

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