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No matter how careful you are, all that feedback can easily end up lost and forgotten in a chaotic sea of message threads.

If only there was a tool that let you comment on any website and turn those comments into tasks for your team so nothing slips through the cracks.

Say hello to Beep.

Beep is a feedback annotation application that allows you to write comments on any website and then convert them into tasks for your team. This tool allows you to submit comments on any website, making it simple to report errors or suggest improvements to specific live components.

To provide further context, include a screenshot or screen recording lasting up to 10 minutes.
Attach files up to 50MB with each remark to keep all of your documentation right where you need it. You will be able to share your feedback with any stakeholder, even if they have not signed up for Beep.

Beep Feature Overview

Enhance Team Collaboration with Beep

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, effective and efficient collaboration is key. Beep emerges as a groundbreaking feedback annotation tool that revolutionizes how teams interact with websites, enabling them to leave comments, share actionable feedback, and convert these into tasks seamlessly.


Comment on any live website with attached screenshots or files for more context.

Streamlining Feedback with Precision

Beep simplifies the process of identifying bugs or suggesting improvements on any live website. This tool stands out by allowing users to directly comment on web pages, making it incredibly easy to pinpoint and communicate specific issues or recommendations. 

The ability to add screenshots or screen recordings of up to 10 minutes further enriches this feedback, providing much-needed context to address complex issues accurately.

Facilitating Comprehensive Documentation

Beyond visual feedback, Beep understands the importance of detailed documentation. Users can attach files up to 50MB with each comment, ensuring that all relevant documentation is conveniently accessible, right where it’s needed. 

This feature is particularly useful for teams that rely on thorough documentation to understand and resolve issues effectively.


Share comments with your stakeholders via email, link, or tagging them in Beep.

Seamless Collaboration Across Teams With Beep Lifetime Deal

One of Beep standout features is its ability to foster collaboration among stakeholders, regardless of whether they are Beep users. 

Comments can be shared with any stakeholder through email or a link, enhancing communication and feedback loops. For those registered on Beep, tagging in comments triggers notifications, inviting them to join the conversation. 

This inclusivity ensures that everyone involved can contribute to the dialogue, guaranteeing that all feedback is considered and acted upon.

Organizing Feedback for Efficiency

To further boost productivity, Beep offers the functionality to group comments into hashtags or project folders. This organization allows teams to tackle tasks strategically, compiling related feedback for efficient review and action. 

Sharing project folders with team members provides complete visibility of comments, ensuring that everyone is aligned and informed.

Transforming Comments into Actionable Tasks

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Beep is its ability to turn comments into actionable tasks. This feature is equipped with a status toggle for tracking progress through various stages, from assignment to completion. 

The inclusion of a kanban board for viewing comments enhances task management, allowing teams to prioritize and address feedback systematically. 

Moreover, Beep’s integration with popular tools like Notion, Jira, Telegram, and Zapier enables teams to enhance their existing workflows, streamlining project management and execution.

Turn comments into tasks and track your progress on a kanban board.

The Advantage of Visual Feedback

With Beep, the era of cumbersome screenshots and disconnected feedback is over. This tool empowers teams to leave actionable comments on any website, streamlining the resolution process and significantly reducing turnaround times. 

The visual feedback mechanism not only simplifies issue identification but also enhances the clarity and effectiveness of communication among team members.

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Beep Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Beep is a feedback annotation tool that lets you leave comments on any website and turn them into tasks for your team.


Features included in all plans

  • Comment on any website
  • Send to guests
  • Unlimited beeps
  • Unlimited hashtags
  • Unlimited integration
  • Unlimited link shares
  • Notifications on email
  • Jira and Notion integrations (and access to all future integrations)

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Beep Best for: Developers, Project managers, Web design agencies

Integrations: Jira, Notion, Slack, Telegram, Zapier

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