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Moxie Lifetime Deal – Best Business Management Platform

$39/Lifetime $240 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

The truth is, running a business involves tons of moving parts—from connecting with clients to managing invoices—and doing it all by yourself means you’re stalling your growth.

You need a business management platform designed for freelancers, so you can keep track of all the nitty gritty details and scale your business stress-free.

Make way for Moxie.

Moxie is an advanced, super innovative business management platform that will make managing your business easier (for freelancers and small businesses) while optimizing productivity, streamlining operations, and facilitating scalable growth.

With Moxie, you get a comprehensive overview of your current and upcoming tasks within your workflow, and it provides a wealth of tools to manage your client projects, contracts, proposals, contract costs, and invoices.


Get insights on projects due, meetings scheduled, and insights on time and money.

Moxie Features Overview

Client management:

Take control of your client relationships

When you work for yourself, client relationships are like gold. They’re how you grow your business, perfect your offering, and most importantly…get paid. Moxie’s full-picture client management system helps you keep every single client detail straight so that you can be the professional you and your clients want you to be.

  1. One complete client snapshot
  2. Real-time updates and collaboration
  3. Client and project health is always one click away
  4. Clearer bandwidth forecasting
Project management:

Keep your freelance projects on track

Being your own boss means you’ve got to stay on top of things—like, all of the things. Moxie’s customizable, personal project management app helps you streamline your workflow so that you can do more and stress less.


View actionable cards with details about each project.


Keep your finances in order

Don’t let bookkeeping intimidate you. Moxie makes it easy to stay on top of every financial detail so that you can pay taxes, bill expenses, calculate profits, and more—no sweat.

Proposals & contracts

Win dream jobs, protect your business, repeat

Sometimes, the toughest part about being a freelancer is finding work. Moxie helps you put your best foot forward, so that when the right opportunity comes along, you can seize it with a beautiful proposal and iron-clad contract.

Why create written agreements with Moxie?

  1. Drag-and-drop proposal building
  2. Legal-approved contract creation
  3. Client-friendly comments
  4. Paperless business agreements
  5. Seamless proposal-to- project workflow

Keep everything organized

Work calendars can get crowded, confusing, and overwhelming. Moxie brings calm to your chaos with a clear picture of your day, your week, or your entire freelance life.

Mobile app

Work from anywhere

Ready to put the freedom in freelancing? The Moxie mobile app is your business in your pocket. Every minute spent waiting becomes a new opportunity to get ahead. Get in, get out, and get on with the things that make life worth living.

Sales Pipeline

Turn prospects into eager buyers – without lifting a finger

As potential clients move through your freelance sales process, you want them to think, “I’m already impressed. This was a good choice.” 

Moxie Sales Pipeline and Automations tools make building that process simple. You decide what will happen, when, with new clients and project opportunities, and you use the visual drag-and-drop builder to connect the steps,


Invoices made easy

Invoicing can be a chore. But it’s a chore that gets you paid. Moxie helps you create professionally-done invoice templates for freelancers. Invoice efficiently and effectively, and accept online payment methods, so that you can get paid faster and easier.

Time tracking

Simplify your timesheets

If you’re a freelancer that despises (or avoids) time tracking, you’re not alone. But time is money—and while guesstimating might get you by, it’s also likely to leave you underpaid and overwhelmed. Moxie addresses everything you hate about time tracking so you can make more of every day. Really.


Get paid with automatic recurring invoices integrated with your projects and time tracker.


Bring everyone together

Teamwork only makes the dream work if it’s efficient. Invite unlimited collaborators to Moxie, where you can share your vision, communicate your needs, and get more done—together.

Meeting scheduler

Own your time

Being a freelancer means you don’t have to be tied to anything you don’t want to be tied to—like meeting culture. With Moxie’s Meeting Scheduler you get full control of your time, while also making it easy to connect and collaborate with clients. No back-and-forth emails necessary.


Impress your prospects with fast responses and easy-to-schedule meetings.

Client portal

Perfect Your Client Experience

As freelancers, we obsess over the client experience because we care, and we want our clients to love working with us. Moxie, formerly Hectic, empowers you to create a totally custom, lovable client experience that you’re proud to put your name and brand on. With Moxie, manage all aspects of client interaction.


All of your client communications, one organized inbox

Nobody benefits from email clutter or project details that get lost in text messages. With Moxie’s Communicator you get a universal inbox and virtual work phone that filters the noise and organizes the details so that you can get right to what’s relevant.

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Moxie Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Moxie is a business management platform designed to help freelancers and small businesses work more efficiently and scale their growth.


Features included in all plans
  • Client management
  • Project management
  • Accounting
  • Unlimited proposals and contacts
  • Calendar
  • Mobile app
  • Invoices and online payments
  • Time tracking
  • Collaborators
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Client portal
  • Communicator (integrated phone not included)
  • Access to Moxie Academy (all courses)
  • Moxie workshops

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Moxie Best for: Freelancers, Small businesses, Solopreneurs

Alternative to: Dubsado, Honeybook

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$39/Lifetime $240 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

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