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Nifty Lifetime Deal - The Easiest Way To Manage Projects

$79/Lifetime $1,428 (Regularly)


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Your work is all over the place right now, from chat apps and client emails to task management and file sharing (but you know where everything is… kinda).

You’d like to pack everything up into one tidy package that fits seamlessly into your workflow and budget.

How about a single tool that keeps everything—and everyone—in one place?

Meet Nifty.


Nifty is a remote collaboration hub that helps you consolidate projects, goals, and communications to streamline your entire workflow. This innovative tool can help you more efficiently manage tasks and achieve your objectives by consolidating all of your organization’s communication in one place. By using Nifty, you can easily keep track of all your projects and communications with other team members, which will make coordination and collaboration much easier.

Nifty Lifetime Deal Features Overview

Nifty offers a wide range of features designed to help digital agencies streamline their project management process. Here are some of its key features:

Project management: Nifty is a new-wave project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining all of the important features of project management into one software. The end result is milestone-driven progress that keep teams inspired, insuring organizational goals remain on schedule. Nifty’s software allows you to manage tasks through both Kanban or list view, has a built in calendar that can be integrated with Google, as well as file and document sharing. Collaborating on Nifty is natural because each project has an individual discussion thread encouraging project specific communication.


Nifty offers an automated workflow. And it helps you to empower your sales teams.

Nifty adds flow to their work with the help of real-time reporting and insights. Tracking lead status and values for pipeline visibility is the major plus point of Nifty.

Creating and storing sales collateral is an essential part of project management. Nifty will Create and keep sales collateral for streamlined access.


Nifty will deliver better results with fewer tools when it comes to marketing. It will manage your tasks, campaigns, and marketing content.

It will do all of this with real-time collaboration in one place. You will get expedited approval for creatives with proofing.


Customize the dashboard to keep all the important stuff front and center.

Also, you can create and track your marketing campaigns as milestones. Aligning content schedules is very helpful when you are working with many contents.

Nifty allows you to align your content schedules using a calendar view for tasks.

Collaboration: Nifty enables team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time, whether through comments, chat, or video conferencing. It also offers team and client portals, making it easy to share project updates and files.


Collaborate with your team in a group discussion to keep everyone on the same page.

Time tracking: Nifty’s time tracking feature makes it easy to track the time spent on different tasks, making it easier to bill clients accurately and manage team productivity.


With the Roadmap, you can access reports that track progress based on task completion.

Invoicing: Nifty makes it easy to create and send invoices to clients directly from the platform. It also offers a dashboard that enables agencies to keep track of their finances and revenue.

Resource management: Nifty enables agencies to manage their resources effectively by providing a central platform to assign team members to different projects and tasks.

File management: Nifty makes it easy to store and share files securely, whether through Google Drive or Dropbox integrations or directly within the platform.

Custom branding: Nifty allows agencies to customize the platform with their branding, making it look and feel like their own.


The kanban board makes it easy to visually keep track of tasks, projects, and deadlines.

Integrations: Nifty integrates with popular third-party tools such as Slack, GitHub, and Google Calendar, making it easy to work with your preferred tools.

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Nifty Regular Pricing Plans

Nifty is a great new and simple project management tool. Nifty is packed with features that are very easy to use. The entire workflow of Nifty is excellent.

And it will allow you to easily switch from one of their competitors to Nifty without losing any of your data.

It has five affordable regular pricing plans: FreeStarterProBusiness, and Unlimited.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Nifty is a remote collaboration hub that helps you consolidate projects, goals, and communications to streamline your entire workflow.

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $69.00 $1428.00
Features included in all plans
  • Unlimited active projects, guests, and clients
  • Workflow automations (1000 per workspace monthly)
  • Discussions and team chat
  • Milestones
  • Tasks and recurring tasks
  • Docs and files
  • Portfolios and overviews
  • Task and milestone dependencies
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Budget tracking
  • Cross-project overviews
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Team workloads
  • Google and Microsoft single sign-on (SSO)
  • Open API
  • Pabbly integration

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Nifty Best For : Marketers, Project managers, Remote teams

Alternative to : Asana, ClickUp, Jira

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$79/Lifetime $1,428 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


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$316/Lifetime $5,712 (Regularly)


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