Pickaxe Lifetime Deal - Build, deploy, and monetize AI tools

$39/Lifetime $100 (Regularly)

Build, deploy, and monetize AI tools without writing a line of code


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If only there was a platform that let you build, deploy, and monetize your own AI tool without touching a line of code.

Say hello to Pickaxe.


Pickaxe is a no-code platform that allows you to create, deploy, and commercialise AI tools to take advantage of the AI creator economy. You can either customise a prompt or submit your app concept to the AI tool builder.

You can access customisable templates for numerous use cases, including chatbots, course widgets, and more. Train the AI with papers, URLs, and YouTube videos from your knowledge base. You may white-label and embed the tool on your website, or you can create a web app with built-in accounts and monetization features.

Pickaxe Features Overview

Building AI Tools with Pickaxe

Creating AI tools with Pickaxe is a straightforward process that begins with either customizing a prompt or sharing your app idea with the AI tool builder. The platform offers a variety of customizable templates for different use cases, such as chatbots and course widgets, allowing you to quickly prototype and refine your ideas.

One of Pickaxe’s standout features is its ability to train AI models using various data sources. Users can feed their AI tools with information from documents, URLs, and even YouTube videos, creating a rich knowledge base that enhances the tool’s capabilities and relevance to specific niches or industries.


Create AI tools with prompts or simply share your idea with the AI tool builder.

Deploying Your AI Tools

Once you’ve built your AI tool, Pickaxe offers flexible deployment options to suit your needs. You can white-label and embed your tool on your existing website, integrating it seamlessly with platforms like Kajabi, WordPress, Squarespace, and Webflow. This option is perfect for creators who want to enhance their current offerings with AI capabilities.

Alternatively, you can launch your AI tool as a standalone web application complete with user accounts and built-in monetization features. Pickaxe provides customization options for the dimensions, design, content, layout, and color scheme of your web product, ensuring that it aligns with your brand identity.


Launch your new AI tool as a full-blown web application using a custom domain.

Monetizing Your AI Tools with Pickaxe

One of the most compelling aspects of the Pickaxe is its robust monetization capabilities. The platform allows you to create various tiers, paywalls, and subscription models, enabling you to generate passive income from your AI tools. With the built-in Stripe integration, collecting payments is seamless and secure.

The 10% take rate on earnings is a small price to pay for the comprehensive suite of tools and services provided by Pickaxe. This revenue-sharing model aligns Pickaxe’s interests with those of its users, incentivizing ongoing platform improvements and support.


Create all kinds of tiers and subscriptions to make money with your AI tools.

Managing and Monitoring Your AI Tools

Pickaxe provides a centralized dashboard for monitoring usage across all your tools and tracking important app activities. You can manage your entire user base, keep tabs on statistics like monthly users and guests, and reconfigure AI models, API keys, and privacy settings as needed.

This level of insight and control is crucial for optimizing your AI tools’ performance and ensuring they continue to meet user needs over time. The ability to fine-tune your offerings based on real-world usage data is a significant advantage in the competitive AI tool market.


Monitor usage and manage the user base for every app in one place.

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Pickaxe Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Pickaxe is a no-code platform that helps you build, deploy, and monetize AI tools to leverage the AI creator economy. Pickaxe Appsumo Deal


Features included in all plans

  • Create unlimited Pickaxes
  • Embed Pickaxes anywhere
  • Custom domain for Studios
  • Set embed usage limits
  • Branded chat icons
  • View how people use your prompt
  • 10% take rate

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Pickaxe Best for: Consultants, Course creators, Online coaches

Alternative to: Bubble, Kajabi

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