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Robomotion RPA Lifetime Deal - Automate Repetitive Data Tasks

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Bots can automate repeatable business processes, but they’re typically too expensive, too complicated, or both (and you’re still on your own with the apples, sorry).

Imagine if there were intuitive and accessible robotic process automation (RPA) bots that could rescue you from dry, error-prone manual tasks.

Introducing Robomotion.


Robomotion is an RPA tool that automates web and desktop applications to simplify workflows. Unlike other cloud automation tools, it can automate custom applications without APIs.

It offers automation templates for various tasks, from sending birthday messages to compiling stock price information in Excel. Robomotion allows running multiple tasks within one project and scheduling bots based on minutes, hours, days, or weeks. Bots stay idle while waiting for triggers such as file system, HTTP, email, schedule, or queue.

As a leading RPA software, Robomotion makes it easy for businesses of any size to streamline workflows and improve efficiency by automating manual, repetitive processes. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and preset automations, Robomotion allows people without coding skills to automate complex tasks quickly.

The tool lets users trigger automations by scheduler, email, file system, or web service and set unlimited triggers for bots. All credentials are kept safe in Robomotion Vaults, and the admin console allows managing everything from robots to users. Robomotion aims to automate manual and repetitive tasks to boost team efficiency.

Robomotion RPA

Choose one of the ready-to-use automation templates to get started automating your repetitive tasks!

Key Features and Benefits

Robomotion RPA comes packed with features to make process automation highly efficient. Here are some of the most notable capabilities:

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

The core of Robomotion is its easy drag-and-drop workflow designer. This allows anyone to automate processes by simply dragging workflow steps into a visual map.

You can drag steps like launching apps, entering data, extracting data, making calculations, sending emails, and more. Robomotion automatically records and generates the required code behind the scenes.

This intuitive design allows new users to get started with RPA quickly without learning a programming language.

No-Code Automation

In addition to the drag-and-drop designer, Robomotion also provides a wide selection of prebuilt automation templates for common processes like data extraction and email handling.

These no-code automations can be customized and deployed instantly. The template library helps users automate workflows faster without coding.

Robomotion RPA

Make unlimited triggers for bots and set up automatic triggers by scheduler, email, file system, or web service.

Web Data Scraping

Robomotion makes it easy to automate extracting data from websites. The visual scraper lets you visually select elements to extract without needing to inspect page source code.

You can scrape data, images, documents, and media from any webpage. The web scraper even handles pagination and dynamic page loads.

OCR Text Recognition

A built-in OCR engine allows Robomotion to extract text from documents and images. This expands automation possibilities to scanned files, screenshots, PDFs, and more.

The OCR functionality helps accurately digitize data locked in paper documents without tedious data entry.

Application Integration

In addition to web scraping, Robomotion integrates natively with popular business applications like Gmail, Google Sheets, DocuSign, Slack, and more.

You can automate sending emails, importing/exporting spreadsheets, managing documents, and receiving notifications. With 400+ app integrations, Robomotion can connect to virtually any critical business system.

Robomotion RPA

Manage your flows, robots, triggers, schedules, and more from a single admin console.

JavaScript Customization

For advanced customization, Robomotion allows injecting JavaScript code into any part of an automation.

Developers can write JavaScript to handle special logic, connect custom APIs, perform complex calculations, build custom UI elements, and more.

This makes Robomotion highly extensible for unique use cases.

On-Premise Deployment

For enhanced security, Robomotion offers the option for on-premise deployment in addition to cloud-based access.

The on-premise option allows hosting Robomotion within your internal infrastructure. This gives you full control over data and system access.

Robomotion RPA

Quickly schedule your RPA bots by minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Bot Runner

The Bot Runner feature allows you to schedule and manage automation execution like cron jobs. You can run automations on demand or on recurring schedules.

Error handling and notifications provide insight into automation runs. This capability essentially transforms Robomotion into an intelligent process scheduler.

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Robomotion RPA Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Robomotion is a robotic process automation tool that can automate web and desktop applications to streamline your workflow.


Features included in all plans
  • 1 development robot
  • Versions
  • 3-month audit logs
  • 3-month job logs
  • 5 application robots

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