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Upbase Lifetime Deal - Project Management And Collaboration Tool

$49/Lifetime $360 (Regularly)


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Upbase is a very effective project management solution that streamlines team communication and collaboration. Upbase’s robust capabilities help teams streamline their processes and boost output. You can manage your projects, your teams, your time, and your analytics with this one convenient platform.

Upbase’s user-friendly design makes it simple to organize and complete tasks. Team members can create tasks, delegate them to others, schedule them, and check in on their status in real time.

The tool’s commenting, mentioning, and file-sharing functions also facilitate effective communication among teams. With these capabilities in place, teams can maintain communication and transparency throughout the duration of any given project.

Upbase Feature Overview

Effortless Project Management

One of Upbase’s unique strengths is its knack for streamlining project management. Seamlessly break down every project into sections, tasks, and subtasks, fostering easy organization and efficient oversight.

Embrace the option to group projects into folders, facilitating a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your entire workload. Implement tags to provide context for each task, enabling you to identify priorities, progress, and approvals swiftly.

Transparency at a Glance

Upbase boasts a clean and minimalistic interface, a hallmark of clarity and transparency. Stay informed on each team member’s tasks and deadlines with ease. With the Members page, you gain instant access to tasks across various projects, allowing you to monitor progress effortlessly.

Personalization for Optimal Efficiency

Acknowledging that each project is unique, Upbase empowers users to adapt the platform to their specific needs. Enjoy the freedom to toggle project features on and off, ensuring you access the necessary tools without the burden of unnecessary clutter. For instance, deactivate the Messages and Chat modules for personal projects, streamlining your experience.

A Centralized Hub for Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Upbase, and this is evident in its array of features. Seamlessly store files and documents directly within the platform, maintaining a structured and accessible workspace. Effortlessly integrate Google Drive folders for swift access to important resources.

Google Docs and Google Sheets Integration

For those reliant on Google Docs and Google Sheets, Upbase offers a seamless solution. Embed these tools into the Docs section of your projects, enabling swift access without the need to leave the platform.

How Upbase Feature Helps You:

1. Weekly Scheduler For Upbase:

You need to plan everything out in order to make the most efficient use of your time. Because of this, Upbase provides its users with a weekly calendar. Utilizing this function, you are able to plan each individual day of the week.

  • Evaluate The Past Day: So you’ve been hard at work since the morning, right? And at this point, you need to be aware of which of the jobs you have already finished. In the review, it is very clear that this is the case.
  • Filter By Assignee: Within Upbase, numerous users can delegate work to you at once. Therefore, if you are unable to see all of the tasks that a specific person has offered in a single location, you might become confused. Because of this, you are able to filter your tasks based on the assignee.
  • Organize By Importance: In addition to that, you can arrange your jobs in a priority order. You have the ability to decide whether the task should have a high priority, a medium priority, or a low priority.


Stay organized and stay focused.

2. Upbase Documents:

Documents are extremely potent. They have a variety of applications. Upbase allows you to write, organize, and share attractive documents for this reason. Here are the features you will obtain:

  • Add Your Comments: We have seen that it is possible to add remarks to a task. But you can also do so with your documents. You may not wish to include certain text in your document, but wish to include it alongside it. So that you can add comments and subsequently access them.
  • Organize Documents Using Folders: Your team will produce multiple documents. If you are managing numerous initiatives, you will need to create hundreds of documents. So it can be difficult to locate a particular document. Folders allow you to organize your documents.
  • Create A Unique Template: When managing projects, you may be required to create a particular form of document on a regular basis. In order to create a template. This template will allow you to create documents more quickly.
  • Share With Everybody: Upbase also allows you to share your documents with anyone. You can create a public link to your document so that anyone can access it.


Easily collaborate on work.

3. Utilize Upbase To Manage Tasks:

There are numerous tasks that must be completed for a project. Thus, you must maintain organization in all of your tasks. Upbase has a strong task management system as a result. The features of task management include:

  • List View: You can view a list of all of your tasks in this view. Your tasks will also be broken down by due dates, such as those that are past due, those that must be completed today, and those that must be completed within the next seven days. You can therefore quickly identify the areas where you need to pay attention.
  • Board Of Directors View: You may also use the board view to get a bird’s-eye view of your chores. Each of your tasks is displayed in board view as a card on a board. The jobs will also be divided into categories such as those that need to be completed this week, those that have already been completed, and so on.
  • Task-Related Comments: This is a crucial aspect of Upbase. On the tasks, you and your team members can comment. So it’s simple for you to understand what was said throughout the task’s discussion.
  • Establish Priority: Additionally, you can prioritize your tasks. The tasks will have flags indicating their priorities. In order to quickly choose which should be your top priority.
  • Create The subsidiary tasks: Tasks aren’t always tasks. It may also include subtasks. For this reason, Upbase allows you to attach subtasks to them. As a result, you will see all that has to be done for a task.
  • Include the Files: Files are a crucial component of any work. You cannot complete it without files. For this reason, you can add files to a job. As a result, everything you need will be in one location.


Chat with your team in real time.

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Upbase Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Upbase tool that lets you manage your task, calendar, chat, docs, files in one place and manage your projects smoothly.


Features included in all plans
  • Team chat: list chat, custom channels, and direct messages
  • Embed Google Drive folders, Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • List, board, and calendar view
  • Access full history of chat messages
  • Recurring tasks
  • Chrome extension
  • Invite guests and clients
  • Customize list modules
  • Lock pages
  • Add the daily planner view to mobile app
  • Links – bookmarks in lists

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Upbase Best for: Project managers, Remote teams, Small businesses

Alternative to: Asana, ClickUp, Trello

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Plan 1

$49/Lifetime $360 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)

Plan 2

$98/Lifetime $720 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)

Plan 3

$147/Lifetime $1,080 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)

Plan 4

$196/Lifetime $1,440 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)

Plan 5

$245/Lifetime $1,800 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)

Plan 6

$294/Lifetime $2,160 (Regular)


(5.00 reviews)


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