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BackupSheep Lifetime Deal - Automate Backups For Cloud Servers, Databases websites.

$59/Lifetime $600(Yearly)

(4.5 reviews)

Moving to the cloud seems like a no brainer—until the server crashes or an update accidentally deletes all your files. (“Safe to say I am not, in fact, on cloud nine about this development.”)

You want to securely automate your backup process, but figuring out how to get started sounds expensive and confusing.

What if there was an affordable tool that let you manage cloud, database, and file server backups without any hiccups?

Jump into BackupSheep.


BackupSheep is a no-code backups automation platform for cloud servers, databases, and file servers that allows you to delegate backups. This tool makes it simple to automate the complete backup process without having to write any code. From the main dashboard, you can connect all of your cloud hosting accounts and define snapshot schedules or retention policies for cloud servers and volumes.

You can automate snaps with major cloud providers using public APIs, so you’ll never have to do backups manually again. You’ll also be able to save all snapshots in your account, allowing you to turn off your cloud server’s pricey backup option. To begin, fill up the blanks with your name, crontab syntax, retention policy, number of backups, and timezone to create a backup schedule.

Instead of hours or days, you may now save time in minutes with BackupSheep to create fully replicable and scalable automated backup jobs that run on-demand or at any interval that works for you.

It also allows you to configure snapshot schedules, retention policies, and more. If you’re using a cloud-hosting service, BackupSheep can even connect to a server in one of the other regions. You can then restore backups from the dashboard. You can even create and manage multiple backups from the same dashboard. BackupSheep integrates with over eleven storage providers. The backup tool supports cPanel, SFTP, WordPress, MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL databases.

BackupSheep is a full-featured BCM tool for Windows-based businesses. Its features are designed to meet the needs of agencies and enterprises and include end-to-end solutions for data protection.

BackupSheep’s backup log, scheduling, and compression help businesses protect themselves against disaster. BackupSheep is easy to use and offers a lifetime deal for its customers. With backups automated by BackupSheep, your team can focus on their business.


BackupSheep Server 

Storage and Automates Snapshots: BackupSheep allows you to automate the entire process of backup–minus any programming. Connect all of your cloud-hosted accounts and set up the schedule of snapshots as well as retention rules for cloud servers and volumes in the central dashboard.

You can use public APIs to automate backups using the top cloud providers, and you won’t have to do backups by hand ever again. You’ll also be capable of keeping all snapshots stored in the backup account you have created in your BackupSheep account and turning off the costly backup option for your cloud storage.

Amazon Web Server: Connect AWS servers with one of the BackupSheep regions to configure lifecycle and scheduling for automated snapshots; stored within the AWS account for easy access.

DigitalOcean server: Connect your DigitalOcean servers and volumes to one of the BackupSheep locations to configure snapshot lifecycle policy and set automated snapshots. Automatically, your snapshot will be stored within DigitalOcean for your convenience.


Hetzner server: Connect your Hetzner Cloud servers with the backupsheep region to develop a backup policy and schedule runs for automatic snapshots. It is stored in the Hetzner account for convenient restoration.

Lightsail server: Access one of the LightSail BackupSheep cloud servers to use the snapshot lifecycle policy and create automated snapshots within a LightSail account.

OVH Cloud server: Connect your OVH cloud servers with any BackupSheep regions to set up a snapshot history timer and recurring snapshots. You were stored within your OVH account for fast restoration.

Up Cloud server: With BackupSheep, you can schedule automatic images and snapshot lifecycle policies for cloud servers without writing code.

Vultr server: Create a Vultr backup server in one of the BackupSheep regions and configure snapshot retrieval and retention parameters; store your backup files in the Vultr account for quick and easy retrieval.

Website backup features


Connect to the websites used for a simple, convenient, and cost-effective backup; stored across free BackupSheep storage in North America and Europe or your storage accounts.

Fast & compressed websites backups: All website backup servers take advantage of NVMe storage and have an outstanding network for quick, reliable backups from anywhere.

Websites backups from multiple regions: We have additional servers in North America (Canada) and Europe (Germany) to increase backup speed and comply with local data privacy laws.

Generic website backup: We like to keep things simple; we use generic CLI tools like FTP and sftp to create a website’s backup, encrypt it using zip and then store it in a password-protected directory accessible with ssh. This way, you can restore them without any special software.

Unlimited storage options: Store your free website backups from BackupSheep on high-quality, reliable cloud storage accounts in the North America & Europe regions. You can also connect to any premium unlimited storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.


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Click here to learn more features about BackupSheep!

BackupSheep Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Appsumo Deal

BackupSheep is a no-code backup automation tool that lets you delegate backups for cloud servers, databases, and file servers. Get lifetime access today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $600.00

  • Lifetime access to BackupSheep
  • All future Unlimited Plan updates
  • Schedule backups up to one minute
  • Timezone aware schedules
  • Unzip large server backups
  • Databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB


Final Thought: Best for Individual developers and agencies looking to manage and automate their backups from one dashboard

Get BackupSheep Lifetime Deal Now!

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$$59/Lifetime $$600(Yearly)

(4.5 reviews)


$$118/Lifetime $$720(Yearly)

(4.5 reviews)

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