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Imagine a world where you can manage and automate your data on a single platform. is that world, combining a cloud master database and integration platform in one. It’s as if Zapier and Airtable had a baby and named it Weird, but undeniably catchy, right?

TODAY WE ARE TALK ABOUT BOOST.SPACE is a platform that centralizes scattered data, streamlining business operations and automating workflows across various apps. It integrates with over 1,700 tools via Make Engine and offers cloud-based automations with real-time two-way data synchronization. is an alternative to Segment, Piesync, Whalesync, and Pabbly Connect, and is best suited for business owners, sales, and marketing professionals. The platform consolidates data from all tools into a master database and offers revamped modules for easy integration. comes with internal tools with pre-made custom fields and functions to store and organize data. It enables users to manage their entire sales pipeline from one dashboard and coordinate sales and marketing processes with near real-time data updates.

The platform allows for collaboration across different tools and eliminates the need for managing multiple apps daily. With Integration Engine, makes businesses future-proof by centralizing and decluttering data for no-intervention automation workflows.

Integrate data from over 1,700 integrations in just a few clicks.

Boost Your Workflow with

In the digital age, managing data across various platforms can be a daunting task. Enter, a comprehensive cloud database and integration platform that simplifies the way businesses consolidate, organize, and synchronize data. 

With support for over 1,700 apps, offers a seamless solution for creating a single source of truth (SSOT) for all your data needs.

Simplify Data Integration Without Coding stands out by allowing users to connect more than 1,700 different apps effortlessly, without the need for complex coding. 

This capability ensures that data from various sources can be synchronized effectively, building a centralized database that serves as a reliable foundation for making informed business decisions.

A Perfect Fit for Your Tech Stack

The platform’s versatility makes it an ideal addition to any tech stack. Whether it’s CRMs, ecommerce platforms, project management apps, or business intelligence tools, integrates smoothly. 

The intuitive user interface further enhances the experience, enabling users to start extracting and utilizing data with just a few clicks.

Streamlined Integrations and Database Management

With, the days of manually updating spreadsheets are over. The platform enables users to create a centralized database that’s not only easy to manage but also enhances decision-making capabilities. 

Users can effortlessly tap into the database view to manage data records, making updates, deletions, or edits as required.

Advanced Database Features

The database view offers advanced functionalities, including sorting, filtering, hiding, and searching options, which allow for quick location of specific data. 

Real-time synchronization, data consolidation for eliminating duplicates, and a wide range of premade templates all work together to significantly improve workflow

View all your database records that you can easily filter, sort, and edit.

Data Transformation and Standardization

One of the key challenges in data management is ensuring compatibility across different platforms. addresses this issue by enabling the transformation and standardization of data formats, ensuring seamless processing by various tools. 

The support for custom fields is particularly beneficial for handling unique data types, complemented by over 500 pre-made custom fields tailored to specific needs like marketing analytics and commerce.

Automate Your Workflow with Data Export

The ability to export organized data into other applications opens up possibilities for creating advanced automations similar to Zapier, streamlining your workflow even further. 

Whether it’s importing, transforming, or exporting data, equips users with the tools needed for efficient data management and automation.

Import, transform, and export your data into other apps to create Zapier-like automations.

Pre-Built Data Modules for Enhanced Synchronization comes equipped with pre-built data modules designed to streamline the synchronization of critical business data, such as invoices, product orders, tasks, and contacts. 

The main dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of connected data sources, enabling users to monitor and manage their data effectively.

Centralize and Automate Data with is more than just a data management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that centralizes, manages, and automates data across over 1,700 apps from a single platform. 

This level of integration and automation ensures that businesses can operate more efficiently, with all their data easily accessible and manageable from one place.

Access all your data sources, modules, and sharing options from the main dashboard.

API Token Prioritization

Determine the order of precedence of each record that gets saved into via security key (API token) priorization. allows you to merge data from several tools into one record (item) and you can use the API token prioritization to prioritize what integrations can overwrite each other’s data . Consolidate data from different tools in a clear and unified way.

Webhooks CUD/Custom

Set up notifications when an operation changes. Whenever you save new data, delete, or otherwise modify them, will automatically send a webhook about the event to connected applications over HTTP. Use webhooks to set up scenario triggers in the integrator. Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal is a combined cloud database and integration platform that helps you consolidate, organize, and sync data from over 1,700 apps. Lifetime Deal


Features included in all plans

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Pre-built modules for synchronizing
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Invoices
  • Data consolidation
  • Custom fields and pre-made custom fields
  • Integrator engine and automations
  • Built-in integrator

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