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Illow Lifetime Deal - Best User-Friendly Cookie Banner

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With all the privacy laws out there, keeping your business above board can feel like you’re playing by a super confusing rulebook. (“Too bad there’s no ‘get out jail free’ card in real life.”)

Unfortunately, paying for professional legal expertise to help you navigate online privacy law is beyond your budget.

If only there was a platform that could magically solve all your data privacy woes in a few clicks—no legal or coding knowledge required.

Make way for illow.


Illow is a cookie banner that quickly brings your website into compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and data-privacy regulations. You can use this tool to display a branded cookie banner that is also tailored to each visitor’s location, browser language, and regional legislation.

Because all data requests are tailored to the user’s local privacy regulations, you can be certain that each user has the rights guaranteed by their local laws. Make your site compliant with all data-privacy regulations by simply copying and pasting the code or integrating the free WordPress plugin!

Illow automatically updates your cookie and privacy policies in the event of any changes to the law. You will be able to easily create, link, and attach your existing policies to your banner, giving you more of a hands-on approach. It is possible to automatically categorize all cookies using illow’s library of over 50,000 cookies, sparing you from hours of scrolling and tedious manual sorting.

If you use illow’s Optimization Consent Mode, you can decide if you want to show consent banners exclusively to visitors in required countries, or to all visitors with a single click. In case your online business needs to comply with the highest possible privacy standards, you will also be able to block all cookies and scripts until the user consents.  This platform has a compliance regulation mode that will allow you to display a banner dedicated to California users without using complicated cookie policies.


Customize your cookie banner’s language, colors, and placement to fit your branding.

Illow Features Overview !

Illow is a cookie banner that makes websites GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and others compliant in minutes. The banner lets first-time visitors accept, deny, or manage cookies. A notice-only cookie banner notifies visitors that cookies are used but does not provide them with a choice.

GDPR compliance requires a cookie consent banner on EU-based or EU-visited websites. The cookie alert should explain what the website’s cookies perform, allow users to accept them, and link to a cookie policy. Illow can make your website privacy compliant with a user-friendly cookie banner.

Cookie Categorization:

+50,000 cookie library, you can automatically categorize cookies.


Automatically categorize cookies with illow’s large database of 50,000+ cookies.

Block Until Consent:

If you turn this option on, users won’t be able to use cookies until they agree to it. When cookies are turned off, they won’t work until the user has chosen their preferences.


Suitable for use anywhere in the world, depending on the language of the user’s browser, you can choose whether or not to show a cookie banner. You can turn this option on or off.

Fully Customizable:

You can make it your own! Your cookie banner will be fully customizable for your company’s brand colors. You’re not limited to that, though. You can choose between a banner style, a square, and, of course, the position in your site´s layout. You can activate or deactivate a widget that will let users access their cookies preferences.

Cookie Policy:

Enjoy illow cookies! Cookies enable us to see targeted and advertising information and remember language choices. To save you time, we’ve translated our cookie policy. Cookies are little text files that websites, apps, and other web-based services install on your device.

They store your visit information to remember you. EU citizens only consent to certain cookies. The browser stores cookies and sends them to the website on each visit to remember you.

GDPR is an e-privacy directive requiring a cookie policy. It encompasses consent, purpose, duration, data type, and access. With this policy, we can protect user data.

Privacy Policy:

Illow takes a very serious approach to protecting your privacy. The privacy policy is distinct from the cookie policy, and it is strongly suggested that you create your own policy.

If you do not already have a privacy policy, you can make one using our privacy policy generator if you do not already have one. There are a lot of different possibilities, such as using your own, using Illow’s, or hiding it from your banner.

Consent Log:

Obtain a record of all of the consent-related activity. That is definitely a useful quality to have. A consent log will be invaluable to you in the event of an audit since it will assist you in demonstrating evidence that you are going above and beyond to ensure that your website is in full compliance with all data-privacy standards.


Keep track of every action in the cookie consent log to stay compliant.

GDPR/CCPA/LGPD Compliant Mode:

You name it: GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and so on. Suppose you switched to CCPA mode. Your website will display a dedicated banner for users located in California, and there will be no need for users to interact with the website in order to activate scripts and cookies.

In addition, you will be able to add a button that says “do not sell my data” in order to comply with local regulations.


You can now quickly add thousands of cookie banners to your websites in minutes. This is a great no-code solution that helps you monitor privacy laws and regulations and keep your client’s websites up to date.

Plus, it allows visitors to opt-in or out of being tracked with cookies. It’s also easy to disable cookies in web browsers like Safari; just go to Preferences and then to the Privacy pane and choose to block cookies.

With illow, you can make sure your clients are always compliant and their visitors have control over their data.

Read More About illow Features? Go official Website!

illow Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Illow is a cookie banner that makes your website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and data-privacy regulations in just a few minutes.


Features included in all plans
  • Automated cookie categorization
  • Cookie policy
  • Consent logs
  • Create or link your privacy policy
  • Cookie banner customization and logo
  • Integration with WordPress and more
  • Multi-language cookie banner
  • Data request form and dashboard
  • Privacy alerts
  • Compliance: GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA

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