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Nymblr Lifetime Deal – Find Millions of Verified B2B Leads

$39/Lifetime $948 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

What if there was a B2B outreach platform that made it easy to build and maintain an audience of verified leads that click with your business?

Introducing Nymblr.


Nymblr provides you with access to millions of B2B prospects with verified contact information, allowing you to streamline your outreach campaigns. Based on your ideal customer profile and marketing objectives, it helps you discover the most qualified B2B leads for cold outreach campaigns.

You will have access to a validated B2B contact database containing over 70 million business contacts in the United States, replete with email addresses and direct phone numbers. Since you can validate emails automatically in real-time at no additional cost, you will never have to stress about paying for inaccurate data.


Find verified B2B leads from a database of over 70 million contacts.

Plus, this prospecting software offers a range of valuable features to enhance your prospecting efforts. The Prospect Finder feature provides robust search filtering, enabling you to easily locate decision-makers based on specific criteria. The Enrichment feature allows you to append and update existing contacts and companies, providing you with updated contact details and additional insights. The platform also supports team management, allowing you to add unlimited users and assign permissions to team members.


Build custom B2B contact lists and audiences for your cross-channel campaigns.

Once you’ve identified the most qualified B2B contacts, you can use this tool to create custom contact profiles and audiences for targeted advertising. Access a massive database of B2B contacts to discover the most promising verified leads for cold outreach. Enrich data and maintain its accuracy with real-time updates on a white-labelled, API-customizable platform. When running B2B advertising campaigns via this platform, you will not be limited to the native audience filters of social media platforms

Moreover, launching personalized campaigns for each account across channels such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and email is a breeze. It also allows you to add new contact and company information to your CRM, so you’re not forced to sift through obsolete documentation. You can edit up to 50 contact details, such as names, job titles, company information, emails, social media profiles, phone numbers, talents, and education.


Add unlimited team members to a white-labeled platform.

You can maintain accurate data and update it in real time, either directly in Nymblr or via APIs for contact data. Nymblr provides you with all of the tools necessary to construct the effective team, audience, and workflows required to expand your business. You can add an unlimited number of users at no additional cost, allowing your entire team to collaborate on the same platform

Giant Library: You get a 90M+ US b2b contact list for your brand. All data are valid and 100% accurate. You don’t have to pay for bad data.

Real-time Email Verification: The automatic email verification system will validate the emails so you can know which emails are valid. You don’t have to pay for invalid emails!

Unlimited Users: You don’t have to pay for each user seat cause you can work with unlimited people without any cost!

Easy To Use: Whether you want to get specific data or custom audiences, this platform and APIs will make the workflow easy.

So you can grow your existing data, use data for outreach campaigns, use data for marketing, etc.

Build custom B2B audiences & contact lists: You can easily build custom B2B audiences and contact lists for your cold emails, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn ads, etc. It’s simple to supercharge campaigns!

Launch personalized campaigns: It’s a breeze to launch your own campaigns for each account across channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and email.

Add Contacts to CRM: If you use CRM then it’s your good luck! Cause you can add new contact and company info to your CRM to enrich your database.

White-labeling features: Customize the platform with your own branding and get all the powerful tools to set up a team.


Enrich your contact data, including phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles.

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Nymblr Appsumo Lifetime DealAppSumo Lifetime DealNymblr gives you access to millions of qualified B2B leads with verified contact info, so you can streamline your outreach campaigns.


Features included in all plans
  • Prospect finder
  • Work and personal emails
  • Mobile numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Real-time email validation
  • Contact and company enrichment
  • Developer APIs
  • Up to 50 data points per lead
  • Audience builder

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License Tier 1

$39/Lifetime $948 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 2

$79/Lifetime $1,428 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 3

$119/Lifetime $2,988 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

License Tier 4

$249/Lifetime $3,500 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


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