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Plerdy Lifetime Deal - Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

$59/Lifetime $2,124(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

Your site hasn’t been converting visitors into customers, and you can’t tell if it’s your design, copy, or a lack of SpongeBob memes. (“Do the kids still like SpongeBob?”)

But you can’t poll every visitor who bounces off your site, and blindly “optimizing” through incremental changes is time-consuming.

What if there was a tool that showed you how users are behaving on your site, located ineffective elements, and analyzed patterns to find solutions?

Meet Plerdy.


Conversion rate optimization, often abbreviated as CRO, is the continuous process conducted to encourage your website visitors to take the desired action, such as starting a subscription, buying a product, opting for a free trial, and so on. To perform CRO, you need to understand how users navigate your website, what they click on, how they perceive the content, and, most importantly, why they leave your resource without completing the expected conversion. For successful conversion optimization, hasty decisions and quick changes are not helpful. Therefore, you will need to reveal your website and regularly test even the smallest changes to draw maximum benefit from CRO. The Plerdy platform gives you the best tools for these actions.

Online marketing gurus, better than anyone, know that special software is necessary for conversion rate optimization. CRO is impossible without reliable tools that can provide accurate data saving your time and money — yet there are many more advantages of this software. Conversion rate optimization tools can help you investigate user behavior on your website and take the necessary steps to monitor KPIs, keep users, and adjust your budget. The CRO tools also helps determine which traffic can generate more income to use marketing more effectively and increase profit.

eCommerce projects work in a highly competitive environment where optimization is mandatory for taking the lead. Internet marketers and SEO specialists realize this and use various tools to test new solutions for conversion rate optimization and enhance behavioral factors. Among all these tools, the Plerdy platform takes a particular place. It has two main tasks: to refine the UX/UI of a website with a heatmap tool and to improve conversion with an intelligent form builder. There are 11 tasks you can solve with Plerdy.   Plerdy

Heatmaps offer live evaluations of user behavior, including scroll maps, click sequences, and cursor hover!

Can you do a usability Conversion Rate Optimization analysis with Plerdy?

Marketers and designers commonly apply individual sets of tools for usability analysis. They complete a range of tasks, including website analysis, user behavior analytics, speed testing, etc. A comprehensive usability audit is impossible without Plerdy. Its tools allow you to conduct user behavior analysis by conversion rate optimization directly on a website. Information collected assists in making prompt decisions on changes regarding website design.

How do Plerdy tools improve Conversion Rate Optimization?

The eCommerce website funnel usually consists of micro and macro conversions. It also includes the total number of clicks on pages, the ratio of visits to sales, and other indicators tracked in various tools and services. The Plerdy heatmap tool shows the info on interactions with the most popular elements of a website and helps decide whether CRO is necessary. With the smart form builder, you can create dynamic banners, subscription forms, and other interactive solutions to attract visitors’ attention, keep them on your website, and perform conversion rate optimization within a sales funnel.

How do you install Plerdy services for Conversion Rate Optimization?

Tracking code of the Plerdy tools is straightforward to install (it takes 30 seconds). Just begin the registration in your personal dashboard of the services. Then, you will be prompted to paste the tracking code on your website – either before the tag or in Google Tag Manager. Installation of the code takes around one minute. Once the first click on your website is made, the dashboard starts displaying statistics. Next, you can conduct conversion rate optimization and other webpage analyses based on the collected data.

What data is displayed by the Plerdy tools for Conversion Rate Optimization analysis?

After you paste the tracking code, the Plerdy tools start collecting data on clicks. Information can be viewed both in real time and in a table on the dashboard. You can view statistics on traffic, device type, user country, or clicks on the major website elements and use this data for analysis. Plerdy’s users see how visitors sensate their eCommerce websites and what actions they take. Such information can benefit a comprehensive usability analysis since it makes page conversion rate optimization easier. The intelligent form builder collects data on the interface of banners and the ratio of conversions (or leads) to closed pop-up forms/banners.


Use pop-ups with 25+ conditions and capabilities to collect emails, subscriptions, and more!


The SEO checker shows you gaps in search engine performance and lets you make changes instantly.

How do you analyze Conversion Rate Optimization and user behavior with the Plerdy software?

The Plerdy platform lets you see your website from users’ perspectives. With statistics on clicks on different components (including custom tags), you can perform a professional analysis of user behavior. And this, in turn, enables the optimization of the website. You can analyze results with all tools right after the Plerdy software is installed. Then, using various filters, you can identify the most and the least practical pieces of the website. You can detect flaws and develop a plan for further conversion rate optimization based on the collected statistics.

How do you improve Conversion Rate Optimization of online stores using the Plerdy platform?

The Plerdy platform has necessary tools often used for conversion rate optimization of online stores. To achieve better results, you should first analyze user behavior on the main pages (categories, product pages, and cart), form a sales funnel, and set intelligent forms. If the sales funnel has a cylindrical form and your offer meets the interests of your visitors, the conversion rate will increase without any additional effort. However, this is rarely the case. Thus, in most cases, a sales funnel looks like an inverted cone consisting of several segments. If one of these items has a meager conversion rate, you should define problematic pages, find the primary reason, and conduct optimization. It may well be that users don’t take the next level in an online store (and hence in the sales funnel) because of its unclear design, lack of tips, or weak calls to action. With dynamic forms by the Plerdy platform, you can immediately forward users to target pages.


User session recordings let you analyze behavior for specific types of traffic or devices.


Analyze the number of users in your conversion funnel and find your most successful traffic sources!

Why are the Plerdy tools a must-have to improve Conversion Rate Optimization?

SEO professionals say that for your website to perform perfectly, you need a deep analysis of its content, traffic, user behavior, etc. Plerdy gives you more than 10 automated software for these and other activities. Plerdy’s tools should be in your arsenal for operating a website if you focus specifically on conversion rate optimization. They will allow you to optimize your content and encourage customers to click the important button (making conversion). Optimize the conversion rate on your website; Plerdy will give you an in-depth usability audit.

What Conversion Rate Optimization services and tools will help increase revenue?

Plerdy offers certain services and tools to optimize your website’s conversion rate for increasing revenue. You can learn about the website’s strengths and weaknesses, reduce the number of empty carts left, magnify online orders, and much more. For conversion rate optimization, there are the following services and instruments: Website Heatmap tool, SEO Checker Tool, Net Promoter Score Service tool, Funnel Analysis tool, and also Event Tracker tool, Session Replay tool, E-commerce Analytics, etc. You should work with A/B Testing, Forms, Call to Action (CTA), Site Structure & Navigation, etc.


How is the Conversion Rate Optimization tool impact a strategy?

The conversion rate optimization strategy consists of 4 stages: investigation, research, optimization, and evaluation. An impressive strategy for your business is a reliable team of experienced specialists who perform various marketing, product, UX, and development functions. For a flourishing CRO, a strategy should be built not around the product but around customers who are getting craftier every day. All tools for improving CRO aim to satisfy their requests so that they become interested in the product and purchase it.

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Plerdy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that offers heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more to analyze user behavior and improve site design.


Features included in all plans
  • Unlimited active pages
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited API integrations and captured leads
  • Filter by date, traffic, device, country, unique page views, and user actions
  • Heatmaps (clicks, scroll, mouseover, sequence of clicks, and text selection)
  • Create user groups for extra segmentation
  • Import own banner, image, and YouTube video
  • 20+ display rules and form analytics
  • Create events and submit to GA in one click
  • Conversion funnels
  • Automatic SEO page audit (desktop and mobile)
  • Look up missing keywords on website and Google Search Console
  • View, sort, share, and delete record sessions
  • Identify the “price” of website elements with Sales Performance
  • 6 months of storage

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Plerdy Best for: Ecommerce, Marketers, Product managers

Alternative to: Hotjar, SurferSEO

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$59/Lifetime $2,124(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


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$177/Lifetime $6,691 (Regularly)


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