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Project.co Lifetime Deal - Best Popular Project Management Tool

$59/Lifetime $720(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

Most solutions are so confusing to use they require extra training for your team and are super challenging for your customers to navigate.

You need one project management tool that’s powerful enough to get the job done, but simple enough to use without any headaches.

Introducing Project.co.

Project.co is a project management application that facilitates client collaboration, project management, and payment requests. You’ll never again lose track of anything which provides everything you need to organise client work in one location.

From a single handy dashboard, you can access discussions, tasks, files, and notes for each project and invite your team and clients to collaborate. Additionally, it will be quite simple for you to request payments from clients and log your hours for each job, ensuring that you are paid on time.


Access all your discussions, tasks, and files for every project in one place.

Project.co Features Overview

Make every piece of work a project.

There is a lot to consider when you’re getting a project done. The more organized you are as a team, the better the final product will be! Here are some things you can do to make sure your project is completed without a hitch:

Step 1: First, you need to create the project and assign people. Don’t forget to add the right tools for the job! This is the most important part of the project; without it, the project won’t get done!

Step 2: Keep the team up-to-date on the project’s status. Share information and timelines. Also, ensure everyone is on the same page with the project.

Step 3: Make sure that you enforce deadlines. Creating a project and not enforcing deadlines will only cause everything to get done at the last minute! 

Made for working with clients

That’s what you get with all project management tools. Project.co brings clients and project managers together to collaborate in a way that makes everyone excited about the project! The real, powerful tools are there for you to work with your clients to get the project done, fast, and to a level that exceeds your client’s expectations!

Powerful Tools To Get Any Job Done

There are many tools to choose from when conducting business. It’s important to choose a platform that can support your entire team. Team collaboration makes it easy to stay in the loop, communicate and get more done. You can use workflow tools to create tasks and projects. You can use the notes feature to make important decisions and share them with the team. Using a system like this will bring your team together and make it easier to get the job done!

Discussion: If you’re working on a project with your team, it’s important to keep a record of what has been agreed upon. That way, everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings.

Tasks: It will help you keep track of all the tasks on several projects so you can plan out your work schedule.


Schedule project tasks for your team using the task scheduler.

People: If you’re looking to collaborate with your team, freelancers, and customers, look no further than our online meeting room. With everything you need in one place, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page.

Payments: If you’re a business owner who wants to get paid for your projects faster, then you need a system that allows for rapid payments.

Notes: When you have the most important data for the occasion at hand, be sure to take notes. This will ensure that you can recall the information when you need it most.

Files: If you want to keep your project’s files all in one place, follow these steps:

  • 1. Keep every file that is related to a project associated with that project.
  • 2. This will help you stay organized and make it easy to find the files you need when you need them.

Time: If you’re looking to make the most of your time, it’s important to keep track of how long you’re spending on each project. This way, you can efficiently pursue activities that matter to you.

Embed: If you’re looking to get the most out of your projects, be sure to integrate the tools you need into each one. This will help make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips and can keep your projects moving forward smoothly.


Embed tools like Google Docs, InVision boards, and Airtable boards to streamline your workflow.

Project.co Regular pricing plans


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OR Get Project.co Lifetime Deal With Appsumo

Project.co Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Project.co is a project management tool that helps you collaborate with clients, manage projects, and request payments.


Features included in all plans
  • Unlimited collaborators (guests and clients)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • All project and task views
  • Chat
  • Payments
  • Notes
  • Files
  • Time tracking
  • Kanban view

How can I get 10% discount coupons on Project.co? 

Follow the steps —

  • Step 1: At first, Click Here, Wait for some time and then you will get a pop-up for a 10% discount code.
  • Step 2: In the pop-up, submit a new Email that you never used in Appsumo.
  • Step 3: After submitting, wait a few minutes and check your mailbox [ Both Promotion and Inbox ].
  • Step 4: After that open an account in Appsumo with the same Email and then click on the “Buy Now” button on the Project.co product page.
  • Note: 10% Discount Only for First purchase

So if the main price of Project.co is $59, after getting a 10% discount you can buy it for $53 for your Lifetime. hurray !!!

Appsumo-Lifetime-Deal with 10% Discount

Click Here to Get lifetime access to Project.co today!

Best for:  Marketing agencies, Project managers, Small businesses

Alternative to: Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Monday.com, Trello

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$59/Lifetime $720(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


$118/Lifetime $1,440(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


$177/Lifetime $2,160(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


$236/Lifetime $2,880(Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

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