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Pxmo Lifetime Deal - Create Responsive Business Proposals

$59/Lifetime $348 (Regularly)


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Ify you need a professional proposal builder that makes it easy to create proposals that look beautiful on any device.

Introducing pxmo.


Pxmo is a web-based platform that helps businesses create proposals that stand out. With Pxmo, businesses can create modern, interactive proposals with ease, replacing the traditional static word or powerpoint presentations. These proposals can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client, including branding, content, and structure.

Pxmo is a proposal generator that allows you to easily produce professional, mobile-friendly proposals to aid in the growth of your business. It’s simple to get started using pxmo! To get started on your next proposal, choose from a variety of professionally designed templates organized by use case and industry.


Start your next proposal with a range of professionally designed templates.

Begin Proposals with Professional Templates

Diving into the world of pxmo is a breeze! Start your proposal journey by selecting from a collection of professionally crafted templates, neatly categorized by both use case and industry. These templates are your springboard for that next outstanding proposal.

What makes pxmo shine is its user-friendly, block-based editor. It’s a cinch to personalize your chosen template, allowing you to tweak layouts, replace content, and fine-tune every on-screen element.

Need to add some flair? No problem! You can seamlessly incorporate rich media such as images, animations, and videos, adding that extra layer of engagement to your proposals.

And here’s the best part – your proposals are presented as mobile-responsive web pages. 

This means they work smoothly on any device, eliminating any concerns about downloads or compatibility issues. Pxmo streamlines the proposal creation process to make your life easier.

Close Deals with Quotes, E-signatures, and Payments

Let’s start with quote tables, a nifty feature that simplifies the process of including detailed budgets and cost estimates. These tables come equipped with predefined items, making your proposals both comprehensive and visually appealing.

But that’s not all. With a single click, pxmo allows for effortless e-signing. This means your prospects can swiftly accept your proposals without the need for extensive back-and-forth communication.

The Stripe integration is the cherry on top. It provides a secure platform for collecting payments right within your proposal. No more prospects clicking away – it’s all neatly integrated for a seamless experience. 

Pxmo takes the hassle out of proposal management and brings efficiency to the forefront.


Seal the deal with quote tables, e-signatures, and seamless payment collection.

Real-time Team Collaboration for Faster Proposals

Boost your team’s collaborative prowess with pxmo. This dynamic platform allows you to invite multiple users, ensuring that your entire team is in the loop, and fostering effective teamwork.

With pxmo, you’re the master of permissions. Assign user privileges on an individual basis, thus retaining firm control over who can access and modify your proposals. 

You can bid farewell to concerns about accidental overwrites because pxmo boasts real-time collaboration features, enabling multiple team members to simultaneously make changes to a document, promoting seamless cooperation like never before.


Collaborate with your team in real time to finish proposals faster.

Make Your Proposals Shine with pxmo: Impress, Close, Grow

In the business world, first impressions matter. We’ve all been there, making quick judgments based on appearances. With pxmo, you’re in the driver’s seat to create visually stunning proposals that capture attention and impress. No more landscape orientation surprises here!

Pxmo equips you with the tools to craft professional proposals that are responsive on any device. Elevate your brand, close more deals, and leave a lasting impression. Build proposals that stand out from the crowd and start your journey to business growth. 

Pxmo Features Overview

1. Professionally designed templates

Who says you can’t cut corners? pxmo comes equipped with an ever growing library of professionally designed templates to perfectly fit your needs and save you time.

2. Intuitive block-based editor

Customize your template with ease using pxmo’s intuitive block-based editor. Change layouts, replace content, and adjust any element on-screen effortlessly. No design or technical skills required!

3. Rich media integration

Make your proposals more engaging by embedding rich media such as images, animations, and videos. Keep your prospects hooked from start to finish.

4. Mobile-responsive web pages

Don’t worry about compatibility issues or downloading files. pxmo presents your proposals as mobile-responsive web pages that work seamlessly on any device. Your clients can easily view and interact with your proposals without any hassle.


Access advanced features built for power users that crank out tons of proposals in a snap.

5. Advanced features and integrations

Take your proposals to the next level with pxmo’s advanced features. Enjoy built-in e-signatures, Stripe integration for secure payment collection, and thousands of integrations via Zapier. Streamline your workflow and save time.

6. AI Content Assistant

Your proposals just got smarter, thanks to ChatGPT! Generate new ideas and content directly from your proposals, using preset prompts to reword or refine content with a single click.

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Pxmo Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Pxmo is a proposal builder that lets you quickly create professional, mobile-friendly proposals to help grow your business.


Features included in all plans

  • PDF export
  • Callback
  • Acceptance
  • Signing
  • Payments
  • Proposal branding
  • Standard integrations

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Pxmo Best for: Marketing agencies, Sales managers, Small businesses

Alternative to: Proposify, Visme

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License Tier 1

$59/Lifetime $348 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

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$99/Lifetime $696 (Regularly)


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License Tier 3

$229/Lifetime $2,340 (Regularly)


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License Tier 4

$349/Lifetime $4,080 (Regularly)


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