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Create, broadcast, and manage your online radio station over the cloud with this simple, all-in-one tool


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Between audio setups, technical wizardry, and performance tracking, online radio broadcasting can feel like a pipe dream on a tight budget.

If only there was a platform packed with all the tools you’ll ever need to create and manage your own online radio station.

Meet Radiolize.


Radiolize is a comprehensive platform that allows users to create, manage, and broadcast their own professional online radio stations. It offers tools for media management, listener engagement, and live broadcasting, including the ability to upload and edit media files, schedule playlists, and host live shows from a browser.

Radiolize also integrates with popular audio production software and allows users to connect their station to their website, mobile app, or social media. Interactive widgets and real-time analytics are available to engage listeners and evaluate performance. Radiolize is an affordable and accessible solution for anyone looking to start their own online radio station.

To reach a larger audience, you can upload and edit media assets such as music, playlists, jingles, advertisements, podcasts, live DJ sets, news, and talk programs. And with built-in automation and scheduling, it’s easy to arrange playlists for a given day and time.With the WebDJ, you can host live events from your browser without having to invest much in pricey hardware.


View your listener summary, storage usage, scheduled playlists, and upcoming tracks from the main dashboard.

Live Broadcasting Made Effortless

The heart of any remarkable radio station lies in its ability to deliver live content that resonates with its audience.

Radiolize understands this essence and offers a WebDJ feature that enables you to host live shows directly from your web browser.

Bid farewell to the need for expensive hardware setups – Radiolize empowers you to connect with your listeners in real time, fostering an authentic and immersive experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Collaborate and Curate with Ease

For those working as part of a team, Radiolize has you covered. With the capability to create DJ accounts and set schedules for live broadcasts, collaboration becomes a seamless process.

Each member of your crew can contribute their unique flavor, ensuring a dynamic lineup of shows that captivates your audience’s attention day and night.


Host live broadcasts from your browser with the Radiolize WebDJ.

Integrate and Elevate the Quality

Radiolize doesn’t just stop at broadcasting; it takes your content creation to the next level.

Through seamless integration with popular software like Audio Hijack, Mixxx, and VirtualDJ, you can effortlessly produce high-quality live content that resonates with audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Your online radio station will stand out with its professional-grade sound and production quality.

Extend Your Reach with Seamless Integration

Radiolize empowers you to connect your radio station to your website, mobile app, and social media platforms, enabling you to reach your audience wherever they are.

Customizable widgets, including radio players, schedules, song history, and song request features, keep your listeners engaged and invested in your station’s offerings.

Real-time Insights for Unparalleled Growth

Understanding your audience is key to delivering content that resonates. Radiolize offers real-time analytics that provide insights into listener behavior.

Capture both historical and live data to evaluate the performance of your shows and playlists over time.

With detailed breakdowns of user locations, IP addresses, and listener loyalty, you’ll have the tools to refine your content and cater to your audience’s preferences.


Engage your listeners with interactive widgets and a pre-built web page.

Why Should You Choose Radiolize?

There are several reasons why Radiolize is the ideal choice for creating and managing an online radio station. Here are the key points to consider:

1. All-in-one radio studio: Radiolize Studio provides comprehensive tools and features to create, broadcast, and manage your online radio station. It covers all aspects of radio broadcasting, allowing you to seamlessly handle tasks like playlist management, scheduling, automation, and live broadcasting.

2. Simple, professional, and modern: Radiolize has a simple and straightforward interface that even beginners can master. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced radio broadcaster, you’ll find the platform simple. The sleek, professional, modern design ensures your radio station has a polished and professional image.

3. Broadcast anywhere, anytime: With Radiolize, you can broadcast your radio station anywhere and anytime. You are not limited by physical hardware or location as a cloud-based platform. You may reach people worldwide and keep your regular airtime this way.

4. Powerful automation: Radiolize provides robust automation capabilities, allowing you to automate and schedule playlists, jingles, ads, podcasts, live DJs, news, talk shows, and more. This ensures that your station streams content seamlessly and at the right time, even when you’re not actively managing it.


Capture data on listener behavior and overall performance to optimize your station.

5. Easy integration: Radiolize offers built-in tools that simplify integrating your radio station with various platforms and engaging your listeners. Whether it’s embedding a player on your website, integrating with mobile apps, connecting to internet directories, or sharing on social media, Radiolize provides the necessary tools to extend the reach of your radio station.

6. Live broadcasting options: Radiolize lets you broadcast live shows using the Radiolize WebDJ directly from your internet browser. Additionally, you can use other software that supports IceCast to broadcast live. This versatility ensures multiple options for hosting live shows and interacting with your audience.

7. Detailed reports and analytics: Radiolize provides detailed information and analytics that allow you to track the performance of your radio station. You can see who listened to your radio, when and where they tuned in, and for how long. Real-time and previous analytics let you understand your audience and make station decisions.

8. Excellent customer feedback: Many users have praised Radiolize’s effectiveness in running an online radio station. Users appreciate the platform’s comprehensive features, ease of use, and the team’s dedication to constantly improving the service. Positive testimonials from satisfied customers highlight Radiolize as a reliable and top-notch solution.

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Radiolize Apsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Radiolize is an all-in-one platform that helps you create, manage, and broadcast your own professional, online radio station.


Features included in all plans

  • Online management
  • 24/7 automation
  • Broadcast live
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited DJs
  • Customizable widgets
  • Media library
  • APIs
  • Radiolize studio
  • Built in web page
  • Scheduling
  • API access
  • Works on web, mobile app, or social media

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Radiolize Best for: Content creators, Entrepreneur-curious, Podcasters

Integrations: API, Discord, Google Analytics, Twitter, WordPress

Alternative to: Vimeo Livestream

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