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Resound Lifetime Deal - Best AI Podcast Editor For Creators

$49/Lifetime $360 (Regulary)


(5.00 reviews)

Built by the same professional Audio Engineers behind Culpable and 15 other #1 podcasts, Resound is built to empower, not replace.


Resound is an AI editing app designed specifically for podcasters. With Resound, you can easily edit, mix, and master your podcast or spoken word recordings in a matter of minutes, allowing you to focus on delivering your message rather than getting caught up in technicalities.

In the world of podcasting, editing can be a time-consuming task. But what if there was a way to automate the process and save yourself hours of work? Enter Resound, the AI podcast editor that is revolutionizing the way creators edit their podcasts.

With Resound, you can say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to a more efficient and streamlined post-production process.

Resound is equipped with powerful AI editing capabilities that can revolutionize your podcasting workflow. With its filler sound detection feature, Resound can automatically identify and remove ums and ahs in your recordings, resulting in a polished and professional final product. Additionally, its silence detection feature saves you valuable time by automatically detecting and trimming long and awkward silences in your recordings.


Cut down on the time it takes to edit.

Here are some key reasons why Resound:

1. Time-saving automation

Editing every um, ah, and mistake in your podcast can be a daunting task. But with Resound’s machine learning models, you can analyze your audio for patterns and let the AI do the heavy lifting. This means you can reclaim your time and focus on creating great content.

2. Professional audio engineering expertise

Resound is built by the same professional audio engineers behind popular podcasts like Culpable and 15 other #1 podcasts. This expertise ensures that the AI-powered editor is designed to empower creators, not replace them. You can trust that Resound understands the unique needs of podcast editing.

3. Easy removal of unwanted moments

Say goodbye to awkward filler sounds like ums and ahs. Resound’s machine learning models are trained specifically for podcast editing, making it a breeze to detect and remove these unwanted moments. The AI makes suggestions, and you have the final say in each edit.


Easily remove any unwanted moments from your audio.

4. Streamline the pace of your show

Long and boring silences can disengage listeners. With Resound, you can automatically detect these silences and fine-tune the pace of your show. Cut out those awkwardly long pauses and keep your audience captivated throughout.

5. Simplified editing process

Resound makes it easy to edit your content exactly how you want it. With a simple right-click and drag, you can make your own edits and trim audio to remove bloopers, boring segments, or guest-requested edits. The intuitive interface puts you in control of your podcast’s final product.


Editing your content is simple with Resound.

6. One-click audio enhancement

With Resound’s Enhance feature, you can take your audio quality to the next level with just one click. Remove background noise, adjust levels, equalize, and master your audio to meet digital streaming standards. No need for complex audio engineering knowledge – Resound does it all for you.

7. Seamless export options:

Resound has you covered when it comes to exporting your edited audio. Whether you prefer MP3 for publishing, WAV for the highest quality, or AAF for editing in Logic or Pro Tools, Resound supports all your favorite file formats. For multitrack projects, you can export a merged master track or individual tracks.


All of your audio export needs are covered.

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Resound Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Resound is the AI podcast editor that automates podcast editing so creators can get their time back. Resound Lifetime Deal


Features included in all plans
  • Trim audio
  • Export MP3, WAV, AAF
  • Background uploads

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Resound Best for: Content creators, Podcasters

Alternative to: Audacity, Descript, GarageBand

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Lifetime Level 1

$49/Lifetime $360 (Regulaly)


(5.000 reviews)

Lifetime Level 2

$98/Lifetime $720 (Regulaly)


(5.000 reviews)

Lifetime Level 2

$147/Lifetime $1,440 (Regulaly)


(5.000 reviews)


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