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SendNow Lifetime Deal - Most Popular Cold Email Outreach Tool

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Between the content and the technical stuff, there are so many questions around what’s affecting the performance of your email campaigns.

If only there was a tool that helped you improve your cold email deliverability and start getting your emails in the right inboxes.

Introducing SendNow.


SendNow is a robust email outreach software that revolutionizes how businesses handle their email marketing campaigns. With SendNow, you can effortlessly send out personalized cold emails in bulk, track their progress, and tweak your campaigns for maximum impact.

The platform is designed with ease-of-use in mind, enabling users to navigate through its features without any technical expertise. From creating automated email sequences to monitoring open rates and click-through rates, SendNow provides all the tools you need to conduct successful email campaigns right at your fingertips.

SendNow Key Features Overview

Automated Email Sequences:  One of the top attractions of SendNow is its ability to automate email sequences. This feature allows you to create and schedule a series of emails that are sent out automatically at specified intervals. It’s an excellent tool for nurturing leads and fostering strong relationships with your audience.

AI-powered Email Writing: SendNow leverages artificial intelligence to help you craft engaging emails that resonate with your audience. The AI-powered email writing feature analyzes your content and suggests improvements to enhance its readability and engagement level. It’s like having your personal editor on board!

Elevate Email Deliverability: With SendNow, email deliverability is no longer a concern. The software uses sophisticated algorithms and industry best practices to ensure your emails land in your recipients’ inbox and not their spam folder. Higher deliverability rates translate to better open rates, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Power Up Email Campaign: SendNow comes packed with features that turbocharge your email campaign. From A/B testing, tracking email opens, and click-through rates to managing unsubscribe requests and bounce rates, SendNow offers all the functionalities you need to run successful campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

Write Better Versions of Emails Using {Spintax}: SendNow’s Spintax feature is a godsend for marketers looking to personalize their emails. It allows you to create multiple versions of your email content, each tailored to resonate with a particular segment of your audience. This feature ensures your messages are relevant and appealing to each recipient, thus boosting engagement.

Real-Time Inbox Rotation: This unique feature of SendNow ensures that your email deliverability rates remain high. The real-time inbox rotation automatically switches between different sender addresses, reducing the chances of your emails being flagged as spam. It’s a clever way to stay under the radar of stringent spam filters and ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.


Send emails from multiple accounts to manage your sending volume.

Why SendNow?

Benefit from the ability to connect up to 100 different emails, enabling you to distribute your emailing volume for improved deliverability.

SendNow provides a unified inbox where you can view all your emails, offering a hassle-free way to manage campaigns across multiple accounts.

You’re also empowered to automate email sequences, facilitating effortless management of cold outreach campaigns and lead nurturing.

This functionality allows you to scale your campaigns without exceeding sending limits, enhancing your chances of being noticed in an inbox.

Easily manage sending volume with multiple email accounts.

SendNow allows you to store unlimited contacts, complete with historical data, ensuring no contact ever gets lost or deleted.

The intuitive contacts dashboard offers a quick overview of the campaigns a contact has been part of and how they’ve engaged with your emails.

You can also filter contacts by their verification status, along with sent emails, replies, unsubscribe rates, and custom tags.

In addition, SendNow enables you to A/B test your emails and track deliverability metrics, helping you understand what works best for your audience.


Store unlimited contacts and see how they’ve engaged with your campaigns.

Maintain comprehensive records of unlimited contacts and their engagement history.

The tool is designed to let you invite unlimited collaborators in each workspace, giving them custom roles and permissions as per your requirements.

You can create individual workspaces for each client to ensure data isolation and better organization of your projects.

The siloed structure of workspaces allows you to manage all your projects from a single platform without concerns about clutter or accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Manage your team effectively with unlimited collaborators and dedicated workspaces.

The real-time inbox rotation feature gives you complete control over your sending volume, helping you steer clear of email delivery issues and spam folders.

If any email accounts disconnect, SendNow will automatically attempt to reconnect them, ensuring smooth progression of your campaign sequences.

You’ll receive an instant notification in case any inboxes fail to send or synchronize. So there’s no need to worry about prolonged disconnections!

Additionally, leverage the email validator tool to verify contacts, which helps maintain the quality of your email list.


Add unlimited collaborators to dedicated workspaces.

Ensure seamless continuity with automatic reconnection of disconnected email accounts.

Cold emailing is much more rewarding when you’re confident your emails are actually being read.

SendNow can enhance your email deliverability and automate cold outreach campaigns so that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Start making an impact in those inboxes.

Grab lifetime access to SendNow today!

SendNow Appsumo Lifetime Deal


SendNow is a cold email outreach tool with features for enhanced deliverability and cold email automation.


Features included in all plans

  • Email automation
  • Unlimited auto-follow ups
  • A/B testing
  • Email Inbox utilization
  • Inbox smart connect / disconnected alerts
  • Spintax
  • Inbox rotation
  • Email disconnect reminders
  • Email templates
  • Custom domains
  • Custom fields
  • Email validation

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SendNow Best for: Small businesses, SaaS, Marketing agencies

Alternative to: Lemlist, Mixmax, Outreach

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License Tier 1

$59/Lifetime $468 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)

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$99/Lifetime $708 (Regularly)


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License Tier 3

$159/Lifetime $1,068 (Regularly)


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