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SheerSEO Lifetime Deal - Best SEO Platform For Optimization

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SheerSEO is a full-featured SEO software that serves bloggers, SEO agencies, business owners, and other online consultants. Ayal Aldama, a software engineer who loved building small websites as a pastime and later learned about the effectiveness of SEO, founded it in 2006. SheerSEO offers a range of statistics on links to assist in link building, which helps firms rank online. Businesses can save time by using this software to automate the SEO analysis process.

Webmasters and owners of online businesses can use SheerSEO as an SEO tool. It has offered the greatest SEO analytics and monitoring services that assist you to optimize your site, with over 45,000 happy customers. You don’t need to install it on your computer or utilize a particular plug-in, in contrast to other apps in this category. It is a basic software program that you can use right from the website and take advantage of; it has an easy user interface. You can get detailed reports on your social media and contacts from it. Moreover, you can start monitoring and tracking your activity in a more easy method, save a lot of time, and get excellent outcomes.

SheerSEO is a comprehensive SEO platform that enables you to monitor the health of your website as well as analyze and improve your keyword and backlink tactics. SheerSEO gives you comprehensive details on your backlink profile, keyword ranking, and how well your website is doing in organic search results. Additionally, SheerSEO provides a site health monitoring tool that keeps tabs on your website’s performance, stability, and amount of broken links on your site.

SheerSEO provides a large dataset of rankings and keywords, enabling you to learn which terms get the most traffic and are the simplest to rank among your competition. As you put new tactics into action, audit your website to assess your on-page SEO and compare it to quality standards.

It’s simple to keep track of where your website ranks in Google, Bing, and YouTube search results thanks to SheerSEO’s automated rank tracking. Utilize past keyword data combined with search traffic, the average cost per click (CPC), and other information. You can customize results by nation, city, zip code, and even neighborhood because the platform enables localization for the majority of countries. Additionally, you may easily export your data either manually or automatically as white-labeled PDFs and CSV reports.


Track your website’s search result rankings on Google, Bing, and YouTube, and leverage historical data for your keywords.

SheerSEO Features & Benefits !

An extensive list of SheerSEO’s software features is provided below:

Rank Tracking (SERP Tracking)

Rank tracking Sheerseo is one of the most important features of any SEO software. It allows you to track your progress over time and you can see how your rankings are improving.

SheerSEO’s rank tracking feature is easy to use and very accurate. It will show you where you rank for your target keywords in both Google and Bing. You can also track your progress over time and see how your rankings are improving.


Keep tabs on your competitors’ SEO performance, as well as your own website’s SEO health.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer is a great way to find new keywords that you can target. It allows you to see how many searches are being performed for a particular keyword, and how much competition there is for that keyword.

You can also use the Keyword Explorer Sheerseo to find related keywords that you can target. This is a great way to expand your keyword list and get more traffic.


Analyze and track the performance of your backlinks, as well as your competitors’ backlinks.

Traffic Estimation

Data from the Google Keyword Tool are used by SheerSEO in their advanced and professional accounts. It may integrate data about each keyword’s potential according to it. You may use it to calculate the anticipated monthly search volume and visits for this phrase on Google. On the basis of the keyword’s ranking and monthly search volume, you can find the estimated number of users this search term will bring in here.

Apart from this, with the “Estimated Clicks” you can have a clear idea of the current visits you should get from the keyword based on the rank and the monthly search volume. Plus, it also integrates with Google Search Console to show you the estimated visits from organic searches.

SEO Site Audit

An SEO site audit in the SheerSEO software will help you find problems with your website. This function examines every page of your website, finds every fault and highlights it. We assist you in sorting and filtering those mistakes by severity and type because there are typically so many of them.

When you decide to do something about a problem, we can rescan your website and make sure the problem has been fixed. Using our interface, you can keep track of how the SEO job is doing.

Analyze Backlinks

SheerSEO has a huge amount of options to make sure you make the most of your connections because they recognize the value of backlinks in SEO. You may use this function to examine the primary backlinks to both your website and the websites of your competitors.

You can also obtain fresh backlinks from web directories and related bloggers. There is also a backlinks analysis feature that takes into account no-follow links, meta tags, link content, PageRank, and the number of outbound links.

SheerSEO gathers information on all of your inbound links and updates it weekly to provide you with a summary of your backlinks.


Analyze the value of your keywords and get keyword suggestions from competitor sites.

Directory Submission

The directory submission feature of this software is one of the simplest ways to obtain backlinks.

With just a few clicks, SheerSEO may submit your website to a number of paid directories. Additionally, they provide you the option to choose which directories to publish to based on specific criteria, such as Alexa rank and citation flow. You no longer have to spend valuable time looking for directories, filling out their forms, and paying each one separately due to this semi-automated process.

Facebook Tracking

SheerSEO is a social tracking function that allows you to monitor the activity on Facebook and Twitter for your website. Any likes, shares, or comments on your website will appear here, allowing you to monitor the visibility and impressions of your website on Facebook. The social tracker also shows your previous Facebook activity.

Twitter Tracking

Whenever a shortened URL is used, the SheerSEO tool monitors Twitter mentions of your website. It displays details about each tweet as well as historical patterns on how many tweets you sent out altogether.

On-Page SEO Analysis

SheerSEO offers extensive On-Page SEO evaluation to give you recommendations on how to make your pages keyword-optimized. In order to thoroughly optimize your page for each keyword, you will receive an optimization grade and be shown what has to be addressed. You can contrast your page with other pages that appear on the first page of search results for the same term.

SheerSEO puts an emphasis on keyword-specific optimization for the search term you want to have this page rank for. The content and HTML structure of your website are perhaps the most important aspects of on-page SEO. You can compare the content and HTML structure of your page with those of the top Google results for your desired keyword using the Content Benchmarking function.

In addition, you can examine any technical SEO problems with your page. Some of them are common, such as having enough content and H1 and title tags. Some are specialized to the keyword, such as the inclusion of the keyword in the title and H1 tag.

Google Analytics & Search Console

You can import data from Google Analytics into SheerSEO’s advanced and professional accounts. This data makes it possible to display the actual number of visitors who came via an organic search for each of the monitored keywords. Plus, SheerSEO supports Google Search Console data imports. This data enables us to display the number of visitors coming from each term to our website as well as the number of times our URL was displayed in Google search results. You can have a clear idea of how many visits, clicks, and impressions are coming from the Google Search Console.

Bloggers Outreach

SheerSEO helps you to find relevant blogs and also automates the entire process and helps you define a blog offer that contains all necessary information such as actions, offer name, keyword, email, and contact name. Plus, they also show you the blogs with their page rank and Alexa rank and help you to select the blogs you want to ask for a review, and by just pressing a button, you can send them your offer.

SEO Reporting

SheerSEO’s PDF and CSV reports, which may be generated manually or sent automatically, make reporting a breeze. For SEO agencies, there are additional white-labeled reports accessible. You can view their reports using their online interface, plus you can also schedule some of the data to be e-mailed to you as an attachment.

Indexed Pages

The quantity of indexed pages is a crucial element in getting your website to show up in as many search engine results as possible. The search engines choose this number based on the popularity of the website and how much crawling is required for it. Pages that change frequently will require more frequent crawling by Google, which may leave less traffic for other pages.

Using SheerSEO you can get more pages indexed and communicate to Search engines for the pages that need to be crawled through Site-map. In this way, you can view & monitor your site’s progress in terms of the number of indexed pages.

SEO Competitor Analysis

With SheerSEO, you can monitor and assess your rivals’ online performance as well as track and examine their top referring websites. You may track up to 5 competitors with this tool, which is included in the professional plan.

You can compare your ranks to those of your key rivals using professional licenses, which offer both historical and current formats.

Summarized Data

With the summarized data. you can collect several indicators within the site. It is meant to serve as a simple way to measure the progress achieved in SEO for your site. It also shows you the total estimated clicks that you get from search engines each week. This data is based on the keywords’ monthly volume and their rankings in the search engines. Moreover, SheerSEO shows you the number of keywords on Google’s first page each week and also the average position for all of the site’s keywords.

Optimization Targets

This feature allows you to focus on your most valuable keywords and their corresponding URLs. With tools that help you choose, track and improve the keywords and the URLs. The idea here is to give all the most critical data, which consists of both on-page and off-page data, that will help you optimize those keywords, together with tools that can help you optimize.

Based on the suggested keywords they will show their rankings, visits, and impressions per month to help you choose wisely. Once you select the keywords, SheerSEO will show you all you need to know in order to improve your rankings.

Agency SEO Software

Agency packages are most likely the best option for you if you want to employ our SEO software across numerous domains, whether you’re an SEO agency, SEO expert, or simply a business with multiple domains. This is so that their features and pricing are appropriate for such usage. If you are an SEO agency or a qualified SEO consultant, you can use these additional features to make these packages ideal for performing SEO for many domains. The ideal agency SEO tool is SheerSEO.

While the domain account can only view the data taken, the agency account has full access to create, remove, and update any connected domain accounts. Therefore, the only person who may modify the keywords tracked pages, or any other parameter is the account operator for the agency. Additionally, the domain account’s ability to employ promotion tools like blog review requests is decided by the operator of the agency account. Usually, only the agency account operator will use them.

White Label (Private Label)

You may brand Sheerseo with your own product and present all the data to your clients as though it were created by your business owing to its white-label features. This is especially helpful for SEO companies seeking to display their own branding on client reports rather than SheerSEOs. The prices at which you sell SheerSEO’s licenses are entirely up to you.

Their branding includes a brand template, company name, and emails. Apart from this, SheerSEO white label helps you to host on your own servers. Apart from this, all the SheerSEO’s features are available in the white-label solution.


By using XML, you can gain access to the data that SheerSEO is gathering. Our XML API can be helpful if you wish to include SheerSEO’s data in your application.

Keyword Density

Search engines also look at the keyword density on a website to identify what the content of the page is all about. For this reason, you should keep an eye on both the quantity of referring sites and the number of backlinks that are now there. Words are collected from the web page’s entire content as well as the title tag and description meta tag. SheerSEO displays the frequency with which each term appears on your pages.

A bar chart displaying each keyword occurrence on the webpage is displayed. The URL combo box can be used to choose the page you want to review. Additionally, single, double, and tripled keyword densities are visible.

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SheerSEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

SheerSEO is an SEO platform that helps you analyze and optimize your keyword and backlink strategies, as well as monitor your site health.


Features included in all plans
  • CSV and PDF reports
  • Traffic estimation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Guarded backlinks
  • Backlinks explorer
  • Link building with directories and blogs
  • Content analysis
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SheerSEO Best For : Small businesses, Web design agencies, Web designers

Alternative to : Ahrefs, SEMrush

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