Stackby Lifetime Deal - Create a work Magement Platform

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“Multiple tool overload” isn’t a recognized medical health condition on WebMD… yet.

But ask anyone in today’s modern workforce if it actually exists, and they’ll give you a resounding “yes.”

Imagine if you could create, customize, and automate your team’s workflows without reinventing the wheel.

Meet Stackby.


Stackby is a work management platform that allows you to create customizable spreadsheet-style databases, connect to various APIs, and automate tasks without any coding. With Stackby, you can build your own custom database from scratch or import data from existing sources like spreadsheets or Google Sheets.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can choose from over 300 pre-built templates across different categories. You can configure basic column types like text, number, date, time, collaborators, drop-downs, and ratings. As you delve deeper into the platform, you can create advanced column types that grow with your team, add formulas for automated computation, bring in attachments from your computer or cloud storage, and reference data from different tables.

Stackby also allows you to link records between tables, define relationships, and aggregate data from your columns. Additionally, you can connect your columns to popular third-party APIs like YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, and Mailchimp.

Stackby pulls the desired information using pre-built API functions across various connectors. You can also customize your tables by converting them into kanban views or calendar modes. Furthermore, you can create custom forms to collect responses and share your views with team members or embed them on webpages. Collaboration is made easy with features like checklists, reminders, Slack notifications, and more.

Stackby is accessible on web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices running iOS and Android systems. With Stackby, you can streamline your workflow and automate tasks from anywhere.

Stackby Features Overview

The Stackby Lifetime Deal comes with a wide range of features that are designed to enhance your work management and collaboration experience. Here are some of the key features included in the deal:

Relational column types: Stackby allows you to create link, lookup, and aggregation columns, making it easier to establish relationships between different sets of data. This enables you to have a comprehensive view of your work and make more informed decisions.

Advanced column types: With Stackby, you can go beyond traditional spreadsheet functions. The platform offers APIs and action buttons, allowing you to connect to external services and automate repetitive tasks. This saves you time and allows you to focus on more important work.

50+ column-level API connectors: Stackby integrates with over 50 popular services, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, YouTube, MailChimp, Ahrefs, and SEMRush. This allows you to import data directly from these services and create dynamic and up-to-date spreadsheets.

Integration with 2000+ apps: Stackby offers seamless integration with over 2000 apps via Zapier, Integromat, n8n, and IFTTT. This means that you can connect Stackby with your favorite tools, automate workflows, and improve productivity.

Pre-built templates: Stackby provides over 300 pre-built templates covering various industries and use cases. These templates serve as a starting point for your projects and help you get up and running quickly.

Real-time collaboration: With Stackby, you can collaborate with your team in real-time. The platform offers commenting, checklists, and reminders on each row, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and work progresses smoothly.

Mobile and desktop apps: Stackby is available on both mobile and desktop platforms, giving you the flexibility to access and manage your work from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Stackby has you covered.

Developer API: For more advanced users, Stackby offers a developer API that allows you to build custom integrations and extensions. This opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to tailor Stackby to your specific needs.

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Stackby Apsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Stackby lets you create a work management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases, API connectors, and no-code automations. Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Features included in all plans
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • 6 layouts: Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Forms, Internal Forms, and Gallery
  • 25+ column types: dropdowns, attachments, progress, formulas, etc.
  • Relational column types: link, lookup, and aggregation (including conditional filters)
  • Advanced column types: APIs and action buttons
  • 50+ column level API connectors: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, YouTube, MailChimp, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and more
  • Connect to over 2000+ apps via Zapier, Integromat, n8n, and IFTTT integrations
  • 300+ pre-built templates
  • Real-time collaboration with commenting, checklists, and reminders on each row
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Developer API
  • Manual refresh method

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$79/Lifetime $432 (Regularly)


(5.00 reviews)


$158/Lifetime $864 (Regularly)


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$237/Lifetime $1,296 (Regularly)


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$316/Lifetime $1,728 (Regularly)


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