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Securely store and share files with zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage


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Uploading your sensitive data files to the cloud shouldn’t feel like you’re risking it all. (“This is what I get for putting myself out there.”)

But it’s hard not to feel paranoid when bad actors could access your confidential info and torpedo your business in just a few clicks.

Wish there was a solution that lets you safely store and share your files with your intended recipients—and absolutely no one else?

Meet TransferChain.


TransferChain is a cloud storage platform that uses blockchain, zero-knowledge encryption, and file splitting to protect your data. It offers a decentralized cross-platform tool that combines storage, file transfer, and encrypted messaging on one interface. The platform encrypts each file, splits it into multiple chunks, and distributes it across the safest storage providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. All features use zero-knowledge protocol, ensuring transactions are never visible to unauthorized users or servers.

TransferChain allows you to store files in a secure cloud storage that is only accessible to authorized users. You can create new folders and upload multiple files to the same folder before sending them to your recipient. The automatic sync makes it easy to access your files via web browsers and Android. Collaborators don’t need a TransferChain account to access transferred files and upload their own files.

TransferChain is fully GDPR-compliant in all its operations and ISO 27001 certified. The platform is powered by a complex patent-pending protocol, letting you upload and download files securely at blazing-fast speeds. Plus, your team lead can control security settings, see their linked devices, and manage notifications with ease.


Store files in a secure cloud storage that is only accessible to authorized users.

TransferChain User Interface

Here are some details about TransferChain’s user interface based:

  • Website: TransferChain’s website has a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate. The website provides information on the platform’s features, benefits, and applications.
  • Mobile App: TransferChain has a mobile app available on Google Play that allows users to access their encrypted storage space, upload and manage files, and send files, photos, and videos to others. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use.
  • Pricing Page: TransferChain’s pricing page has a clear and concise layout that makes it easy for users to compare the different plans and features. The page provides information on the pricing, storage space, file upload limits, access and mobility, support and training, and privacy features.
  • LinkedIn: TransferChain has a LinkedIn page where users can learn more about the platform and its features. The page provides information on how TransferChain transforms the cloud to allow users to focus on their regular cloud needs while fully ensuring their privacy and security.

The website, mobile app, pricing page, and LinkedIn page provide users with all the information they need to use the platform and maximize their cloud storage and transfer needs while ensuring their privacy and security.

Features and Functionality

TransferChain’s blockchain zero knowledge encryption and file splitting

TransferChain offers an innovative solution for secure file transfers. With its blockchain zero knowledge encryption and file splitting technology, your files are protected from unauthorized access and remain confidential throughout the transfer process. This advanced encryption ensures that only the intended recipient can decrypt and access the files, providing peace of mind for both personal and professional use.

Using blockchain technology, TransferChain ensures the integrity and authenticity of each file transfer. By splitting files into smaller encrypted chunks and distributing them across the network, it adds an extra layer of security against data breaches and tampering. This decentralized approach enhances the overall privacy and security of your files.


Each file goes through client-side encryption, splitting, distribution, and blockchain authorization before you share it.

User-friendly interface and easy uploading and organizing of files

TransferChain’s user-friendly interface makes uploading and organizing files a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly upload your files and arrange them in directories or folders for better organization. This intuitive interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free file transfer experience.

Additionally, TransferChain supports a wide range of file formats, allowing you to transfer various types of content, including documents, images, videos, and more. Whether you’re sharing files with colleagues, friends, or clients, TransferChain provides a seamless and efficient platform for all your file transfer needs.

In summary, TransferChain offers advanced encryption and file splitting technology to secure your transfers, while providing a user-friendly interface for easy file uploading and organizing. It’s an ideal solution for individuals and businesses looking for a secure and convenient file transfer platform.

How to initiate file transfers securely?

When it comes to transferring files securely, many businesses rely on TransferChain to meet their needs. With this powerful tool, you can initiate secure file transfers with ease, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information.

TransferChain offers various encryption methods, including SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption, to safeguard your data during transit. You can also set access controls and passwords to further enhance security. These measures give you peace of mind knowing that your files are protected.


Transfer and share files between stakeholders without compromising your privacy or security.

Managing sent and received transfers in the dashboard

In addition to secure file transfers, TransferChain also provides a user-friendly dashboard to help you manage your sent and received files efficiently. The dashboard allows you to track the progress of your transfers, view download history, and manage permissions for each recipient.

With the dashboard, you can easily organize your files, create folders, and apply labels for better organization and ease of retrieval. This streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time when searching for specific files.

TransferChain is designed to simplify the file transfer process while ensuring the highest level of security. By utilizing this tool, you can enjoy a seamless and safe file transfer experience for your business needs.

File Requests

Want to safely receive files from your customers? Look no further than TransferChain’s file transfer feature. This tool allows you to securely collect files from clients and streamline your workflow. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make the most of this feature.

Safely receiving files from customers via file transfer feature

With TransferChain’s file transfer feature, you can ensure the safety and security of your customers’ files. This feature uses robust encryption to protect sensitive data during transit. You can also set up password protection for added security. By providing your clients with a secure way to share files, you build trust and enhance your professional image.


TransferChain’s patent-pending technology helps you protect your files on the cloud.

Setting up folders, expiration dates, and adding notes for file requests

TransferChain allows you to create customized file request folders. You can organize files based on specific projects or clients, making it easier to manage and locate the files you need. Additionally, you can set expiration dates for file requests to ensure timely delivery of files. If you need to provide instructions or additional information, you can also add notes to each file request.

TransferChain’s file transfer feature simplifies the process of receiving files from customers. It offers a secure and organized way to streamline your workflow and improve client satisfaction. So why wait? Start using TransferChain’s file transfer feature today and take your business to the next level.

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TransferChain Apsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

TransferChain is a cloud storage solution that protects your data with blockchain, zero-knowledge encryption, and file splitting. TransferChain Appsumo Deal


Features included in all plans

  • Secure cloud storage and file sharing
  • Secure file transfer and request
  • Client-side end-to-end encryption
  • File splitting and distributed cloud architecture (AWS, Azure, Gcloud, Digital Ocean)
  • Blockchain authorization
  • Internal secure messaging and chat
  • Administration features
  • Full activity tracking
  • Sync across devices
  • Invite unlimited clients and guests
  • Continuous patching

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TransferChain Best for: Consultants, Graphic designers, Small businesses

Alternative to: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive

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License Tier 1

$39/Lifetime $120 (Regularly)


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License Tier 3

$229/Lifetime $4,620 (Regularly)


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