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You’ve got your marketing strategy locked down to maximize your campaigns… probably.

With all those confusing numbers scattered across analytics, spreadsheets, and dashboards, even Count von Count can’t save you. (“2,568 rich media assisted conversions, ah ah…ah?”)

You need a simple way to track your sales funnel’s performance and optimize it for the best conversions.

Introducing TruConversion.


Complex analytics and spreadsheets can be a lot for many people. And if you are running a business, even if it is small, you want a tool that can provide you with a complete analysis of your marketing and is also simple to understand format. TruConversion does just that; it is an all-in-one funnel tracking and analytic software that easily tracks your marketing for better optimization.

It is the best software to optimize your sales and marketing by using its tools like heatmap, session recording, form analytics, and customer surveys. Using TruConversion, you can understand which strategies work for you and provide high converting rates.

In just a few simple clicks, you can track your funnels, set conversion benchmarks, and determine where improvement is needed. The best thing about smart funnel tracking is that you don’t need to look at so many analytics and spreadsheets; they automatically monitor the funnels.

With TruConversion, you no longer need various tools and applications. It is an all-in-one software incorporated with many tools to provide you with a complete analysis of your marketing campaign and website visitors. This software’s outstanding abilities make it an excellent choice for your business, and it has emerged to be a great alternative to HotJar and Funnelytics.

Features of TruConversion


So now we know what TruConversion is; let’s dig further into its features. We already know how this software benefits your business, and above all, it comes with reasonable pricing and an easy user interface. But the advantages and features of this funnel tracking software do not end here, and there is much more than that.

The smart funnels, recording, heat maps, and surveys further boost the credibility of TruConversion and make it more beneficial for your website. Let’s know about all these features in detail one by one.

1. You Can Easily Track Your Funnel Using Smart Funnel


Smart funnel is one of the most outstanding features of TruConsersion. Doing marketing is difficult, and its analysis and optimization are much more hectic. But with Smart funnels, you easily get to know all about the conversion rate and performance of funnels. You don’t have to put your time into Facebook’s Ads Manager or Google Analytics anymore.

The Smart Funnels monitor the funnels and analyze the data to get better results. It gives you an insight into which of the marketing schemes is working for you and which is not. You can effortlessly set conversion benchmarks to know which area needs to be focused on. So, we can say without any doubt that Smart Funnels are just the better and smarter way to work and track your funnels.

2. See The Visitors Activity With Screen Recording

Isn’t it exciting to think that you can watch your website through your user’s eye? Now, what if we tell you that TruConversion allows its users to do so. The Screen Recording feature records the browsing journey of users, which you can watch. Through this, you can know exactly where your audience left without converting.

As per the page activity, you can set the recordings to trigger to cut down the volume and provide the most relevant analytics. These recording sessions let you analyze your customers’ behavior to optimize your marketing campaign accordingly.

3. Monitor The Activity Using Heatmaps

If you want to dig more into your customer’s behavior, then TruConversion has another cool feature for you; Heatmaps. They show you where your customers click the most, scroll down, and let you know about the skipped sections.

This lets you know where to put your most important and intriguing content and call-in action button. You can combine heatmaps with smart funnels to get the data when it most matters. So, the heatmap is an excellent tool for your website and marketing campaigns.

4. Convert More Customers Using Form Interaction Data

You can know which fields are filled most and what is causing your audience to leave through these forms. All the information on these reports is arranged to be easy and simple for you to read and understand. There is an option to filter the data to show results by device for more characterized insight.

Using this data, you can optimize forms on your website; if you doubt what is working for you and whatnot, this feature will eliminate all your doubts and provide clear analytics.

5. Get Quick Feedback Using Micro Surveys

Long surveys are well and good, but most of the time, it has been seen that people usually skip that. So for that case, TruConversion provides Micro-survey features. It allows you to put simple polls and quick questions that can be answered in quick seconds. It has been found that people engage more with these kinds of surveys.

You can post the polls and questions anywhere on your site, following any action. So getting data and feedback straight from your customer provides you better analysis about your website, ads, or whatsoever.

6. Powerful Surveys Would Help You Discover Needs

Coming to the next and an important feature essential for a better result; Surveys. It lets you know what your customers think about your service, and the surveys are important as it gives you alerts about your unhappy customers.

With this feature, you can discover your customers’ needs and expectations and improve your service to provide them in a better way. With TruConversion, you can create attractive and elegant feedback survey forms.

So, all these features of TruConversion help its users better understand their customer’s behavior and expectations. You can improve your marketing strategies and get better results using these data.

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TruConversion Pricing Plan


TruConversion Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

TruConversion is an easy-to-use funnel tracking and optimization tool that offers heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics to help you craft your best strategies.


Features included in all plans
  • Click map, move map, scroll map, and detail map
  • Share heatmap, download heatmap, and compare heatmap
  • Date range
  • Source of visitor
  • Operating system and browser
  • Campaign
  • Country
  • Smart Funnels features:
  • Visual builder
  • Advanced page targeting
  • Advanced filters
  • Conversion rate recommendations
  • Multiple pages per step
  • Individual page statistics
  • No-code goals
  • Primary conversion rate selector
  • One-click share button

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