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WPFunnels Lifetime Deal - Best Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder

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If you cannot reach the customer at checkout, all is in vain for your sales! So how can you close customers at checkout? (Oh! It’s a biggy.) But a smooth sales funnel can accelerate your sales process.

What if you could create sales funnels visually in your WordPress dashboard with a fully optimized and seamless customer experience?


WPFunnels allows you to build, visualize, configure, and implement customized sales funnels that you can integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Using drag and drop sales funnel builder, you can build stunning funnels in just a minute. It will be beneficial for WooCommerce users, Online coaches, and subscription sites to integrate revenue-boosting funnels.
Using WPFunnels, you can design entire sales funnels easily in WordPress with drag `n drop components on a visual canvas without any plugins. You can create global funnels for your WooCommerce store and easily set conditional upsell, downsell, and order bump offers. Anyone can use WPFunnels without any prior funnel-building experience.

WPFunnels’ visual canvas allows you to map out your full sales funnel and connect each step using a simple drag-and-drop interface. WPFunnels integrates with Elementor and Gutenberg, so you can design custom landing pages, offer pages, and checkout pages that utilize your funnel—all directly within your WordPress dashboard.

With WPFunnels, you can maximize your revenue using conditional funnel steps that deliver unique order offers to each customer. And make upsell or downsell offers after checkout to boost your revenue with additional sales of higher-value products.

WPFunnels offers the ability to set conditional global funnels for your WooCommerce store so that you can make one-time offers based on purchase behavior. Plan funnels to trigger personalized offers when WooCommerce purchases meet certain conditions, like cart total, price range, or product tag.

Having a software like this is perfect for all types of eCommerce including selling products, selling courses, building an online store, taking payments for bookings, and the list goes on. 

What makes WPFunnels the best funnel builder in WordPress?


What makes WPFunnels unique from other funnel builders?

WPFunnels is the first-ever canvas-based sales funnel builder in WordPress where you can visually plan your funnel flows on a drag-and-drop canvas – you have complete control over your funnel!

No need to use multiple tools to create or track your funnels.

You get to control everything from planning your funnel to launching a live sales campaign in 1 place.

  • A Drag-and-drop canvas for funnel mapping

  • All the typical steps needed (Landing, Checkout, Thank You)

  • Order bump offer at the checkout

  • Upsell and Downsell offers after checkout

  • Conditional Steps Control
  • Full analytics of every funnel step

  • A/B testing of every step (Coming soon)

  • Major payment processing support (Stripe & Paypal)

Do I need any extensive coding and designing skills to use WPFunnels?

No. WPFunnels comes with tons of niche-specific funnel templates that we designed after a lot of research to make sure you can have a ready funnel design at your hand. So you can simply choose a template and update the content, without worrying about the design and codes.

But you do, however, have the option to create funnel pages from scratch if you want to.

I own an individual business...can I use WPFunnels?

Yes, this would be the perfect plugin for you to create sales funnels.

Whether you are offering courses, selling ebooks, supplying products, offering subscriptions, or simply trying to generate leads, you can easily create effective sales funnels using WPFunnels.

Basically, if you are a small business, a large organization, or an individual running an online business, this plugin could be a game changer for you as you won’t find an easier sales funnel builder in WordPress.

Why do I need WPFunnels to create sales funnel in WordPress?

Sales funnels have proven to help online businesses increase conversion rates and revenue.

But it is often difficult to create engaging sales funnels that function properly in WordPress. And most SaaS funnel builders are either too complicated or expensive.

The purpose of WPFunnels is to make the funnel-building experience easy in WordPress. You can create complete sales funnels without leaving your WordPress Dashboard and without any complications.

You can create a fully-functioning sales funnel in as low as 15 mins using this plugin and you won’t have to worry about spending tons of money every month.

With this reliable sales funnel builder, you will be able to make sure your leads are converted into highly profitable buyers.

What Sales Funnel features do I get with WPFunnels?

With WPFunnels, you will be able to create complete sales funnels with the basic steps, Landing, Checkout & Thank you pages. And and you can further enhance your sales funnel with exclusive offers which include:

  • Order bump at the checkout
  • One-click upsell offers
  • Downsell offers
  • Conditional steps control

And most importantly, you will get the visual drag and drop canvas which acts as both a Funnel Planner and the funnel editing dashboard.

You will get more features such as analytics on every sales funnel you create, A/B testing (coming soon) of each funnel step page, personalized checkout page for every funnel with custom field editor, and complete integration with WooCommerce, Elementor page builder, and Gutenberg block editor.

So it is simply a complete sales funnel solution within WordPress.

What are the requirements for WPFunnels to work?

As of now, you will need WooCommerce to sell products through the funnel.

For page design, if you wish to use Elementor as your preferred page builder, then obviously you will need Elementor installed and activated.

If you use Gutenberg and want to design your own funnel pages, you may use the default Gutenberg editor or any Gutenberg builder addons to design the pages. However, if you want to use one of our pre-made templates, then you will need the Qubely editor installed and activated as we use Qubely to design and organize Gutenberg templates.

Basically, you can use Gutenberg with complete freedom as long as you use our dedicated blocks in the right places.

And to set abandoned cart recovery, we suggest you use Cart Lift, which works really well with WPFunnels.

WPFunnels Features:

Drag & Drop Funnel Builder: When I first saw the drag & drop funnel builder, I was gobsmacked how simple yet effective this is. The sales funnel builder of WPFunnels will allow you to map your customer’s journey inside your website. You can easily create a sales funnel by adding elements, dragging & dropping them to suit your needs, then connect them together.

Once your sales funnel outline is in place, you can then edit each individual step by clicking on the page and clicking on the pencil edit icon. After your funnel is complete, simply click save to publish.

One of the best tools inside of this feature too, is the stats switch. Click on that, and you’ll see how many people go through each part of your funnel! Perfect for optimising your sales system for even higher conversions.

Pre-Made Funnel Templates: Like any page or sales funnel builder available, there are templates you can use. As WPFunnels has just launched, the selection is limited, however, there is more than enough to start your own systems.

On the free plan of this software, you get 3x 3-step funnels you can import into your website. This consists of a sales page, checkout page and order success page. On the Pro Plan, you get the free templates, plus an additional 1x 3-step funnel and 3x 5-step funnels. On the 5-step funnels, you get a sales page, checkout page, upsell Page, downsell page and order success page.

To use the funnels, simply choose the one you want, click on Import and in less than a minute, your funnel is ready to be edited.


Click here to learn more features about WPFunnels!

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WPFunnels Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Appsumo Deal

WPFunnels lets you access all the tools you need to design high-converting sales funnels, landing pages, and customized checkout pages right in your WordPress dashboard. Get lifetime access today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $437.00

  • Lifetime access to WPFunnels Medium Plan Features 
  • Everything  Medium Plan  Features +
  • 5 sites license
  • Unlimited  users

Get WPFunnels Lifetime Deal Now!

Visual Funnel Builder For WordPress with WPFunnels

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