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$39/Lifetime $144 (Yearly)

Enhance your audio content with AI-powered background noise removal and clear voice tech


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It’s hard to let your audio content speak for itself when each take is full of random background noise. (“If you listen closely, you can hear the exact moment my listeners tune me out.”)

Without the right tech, you’re stuck between endlessly re-recording to get that perfect take—or publishing content that sounds like it was processed in a tin can.

Good thing there’s an AI-powered tool that uses AI to fine-tune your voice to perfection and block out unnecessary noise.

Meet Xound.


Xound is a groundbreaking AI-powered audio enhancement platform that utilizes cutting-edge technology to transform your audio recordings into studio-quality masterpieces. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, Xound seamlessly removes background noise, optimizes vocal clarity, and ensures consistent volume levels, all while preserving the natural authenticity of your voice.

Xound is a safe platform that captures high-quality audio with AI voice enhancement and local processing. This tool makes it simple to enhance the audio quality of your content, ensuring that you are heard exactly the way you want.


Thanks to the AI-powered tech, you can process audio and video in just a few clicks.

Enhance Your Content Audio with AI for a Crystal-Clear Listening Experience

Do you struggle with background noise ruining your video or audio recordings? Xound can help! This secure platform utilizes advanced AI voice enhancement and local processing to ensure your content boasts professional-sounding audio.

Effortlessly Optimize Audio Quality

Xound streamlines the process of enhancing your content’s audio. Whether you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, or simply want your voice to sound its best, Xound empowers you to be heard exactly how you intend.

Targeted Cleaning and Automatic Detection

This versatile tool allows you to clean entire audio tracks or meticulously select specific sections for a more polished sound. Xound’s intelligent features automatically analyze audio quality, pinpointing areas for improvement. Additionally, natural pitch detection lets you subtly adjust vocals while preserving their authenticity.

Effortless Cleaning with Precision

Experience the ease of automatically detecting and cleaning specific sections within moments. Xound prioritizes a user-friendly experience, featuring a simple interface for effortless navigation.

Drag-and-Drop Convenience and Secure Processing

Say goodbye to complicated editing processes. With Xound, simply drag and drop existing audio files or record directly within the platform. Notably, Xound prioritizes user privacy by keeping your data secure on your device. Nothing is ever stored on Xound’s servers, providing complete peace of mind.

Seamless WhatsApp Integration

For added convenience, Xound integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp. This allows you to send media files directly to Xound for on-the-go audio editing, saving valuable time.


Easily upload existing files or record directly within Xound to start producing crystal-clear audio.

Effortless Uploads for Crystal-Clear Audio With Xound

Whether you’re uploading existing files or recording directly using Xound, the process is effortless. In just a few clicks, you can be well on your way to producing professional-sounding audio.

Elevate Your Content and Captivate Your Audience

Xound’s innovative technology empowers you to create exceptional listening experiences. By reducing listener fatigue in a content-saturated market, Xound ensures your voice cuts through the noise. Capture every word and sound with precision, keeping your audience fully engaged. Additionally, Xound allows you to pair your pristine audio with stunning visuals, creating captivating social media videos.

Effortless Noise Removal with Cutting-Edge AI

Step into the future of audio editing with Xound’s powerful AI-powered background noise removal. Achieve professional-sounding audio regardless of your recording environment. Eliminate distracting background noise such as traffic, echo, and audio glitches, ensuring a seamless listening experience. Xound also offers dynamic range compression, smoothing out your voice for greater audio consistency.


Automatically detect audio quality and clean selected sections in a snap.

Remove Unwanted Noise for a Superior Listening Experience

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise from traffic, trains, or even your furry companions! Xound’s noise removal technology allows you to focus on the message, not the distractions. This translates to a more enjoyable listening experience for your audience.

Xound empowers you to clean audio tracks, eliminate background noise, and amplify conversations, consistently delivering a premium listening experience.

Xound Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo Deal

Xound is a secure platform that uses AI voice enhancement and local processing to capture crystal-clear audio. Xound Appsumo Deal


Features included in all plans

  • Unlimited files (audio and video)
  • Natural pitch correction
  • Background noise removal
  • Advanced techniques (Cepstrum analysis and MFCC)
  • Audio quality improvement
  • High-frequency presence (voice brightness)
  • Dynamic range compression (consistent volume levels)
  • Zero server uploads
  • Local audio processing for enhanced privacy (browser based)
  • Instant audio processing on demand
  • Access to advanced audio enhancement features

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Xound Best for: Content creators, Influencers, Podcasters

Integrations: Whatsapp

Alternative to: Adobe Premiere, Audacity, iMovie

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License Tier 1

$39/Lifetime $144 (Yearly)


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License Tier 2

$149/Lifetime $1,820 (Yearly)


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