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Wish there was a browser created specifically for web development that let you access all your tools from one place?

TODAY WE ARE TALK ABOUT Sizzy: A Detailed Review


In the ever-evolving world of web development, creating responsive designs that work seamlessly across a myriad of devices is a critical task. Sizzy, a browser designed specifically for developers, addresses this challenge by offering a suite of features tailored to streamline the responsive web design process. This review delves into the functionality, usability, and overall value of Sizzy for web developers and designers.


Sizzy is not just another browser; it is a powerful tool that brings efficiency and precision to web development. Launched to address the pain points associated with testing and debugging responsive designs, Sizzy integrates various functionalities that are indispensable for modern web developers. Its key selling points include multi-device preview, developer tools integration, live reloading, device synchronization, and built-in debugging tools.

Sizzy Features Overview

Multi-Device Preview

One of Sizzy‘s standout features is its multi-device preview capability. Traditional browsers typically allow developers to switch between different screen sizes or emulate devices one at a time. Sizzy, however, enables simultaneous viewing of a website on multiple devices and screen sizes. This feature is invaluable for quickly assessing how a site behaves on different platforms without having to toggle back and forth.

Users can choose from a wide array of device presets, ranging from the latest smartphones and tablets to desktops and custom screen sizes. This flexibility ensures comprehensive testing across various environments, helping developers catch and address issues early in the design process.


Test your website or app on multiple devices at once.

Developer Tools Integration

Sizzy includes robust developer tools similar to those found in popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. These tools allow developers to inspect elements, view and edit HTML and CSS, and debug JavaScript directly within the Sizzy environment. The seamless integration of these tools means developers don’t have to switch between different applications, thus saving time and maintaining focus.

Live Reloading

Live reloading is another feature that sets Sizzy apart. As developers make changes to their code, Sizzy automatically refreshes the browser to reflect these updates in real-time. This instantaneous feedback loop is crucial for rapid prototyping and iterative design processes. It eliminates the need to manually refresh the page, thereby speeding up development and reducing the risk of overlooking minor updates.


Access every tool a front-end developer could dream of right out of the box.

Device Synchronization

Device synchronization is a unique feature that enhances the efficiency of cross-device testing. Actions performed on one device, such as scrolling, clicking, or typing, are mirrored across all other devices being previewed in Sizzy. This synchronization ensures a consistent testing experience and helps in identifying interaction issues that might not be apparent when testing devices in isolation.

URL Sharing

Collaboration is a key aspect of web development, and Sizzy facilitates this through its URL sharing feature. Developers can share the current state of their project with team members or clients via a unique URL. This functionality is particularly useful for remote teams and client reviews, allowing stakeholders to view the project exactly as the developer sees it.


Separate your work into projects that will load exactly as you left them.

Built-In Debugging Tools

In addition to the standard developer tools, Sizzy offers specialized debugging tools designed to tackle common issues in responsive design. Features like the ability to visualize CSS grids, check flexbox layouts, and identify overflow issues help developers diagnose and resolve problems quickly. Sizzy’s debugging tools provide insights that are not readily available in standard browsers, making it easier to fine-tune designs.

User Experience and Interface

Sizzy’s user interface is clean, intuitive, and developer-friendly. The dashboard is well-organized, with device previews displayed prominently. Users can easily add or remove devices, adjust settings, and access developer tools from a single, cohesive interface. The learning curve for Sizzy is minimal, as it builds on familiar concepts while introducing powerful enhancements.

Performance-wise, Sizzy is responsive and handles multiple device previews smoothly. However, the performance can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the number of devices being emulated simultaneously. On high-end systems, Sizzy runs efficiently, but on lower-end hardware, there might be some lag, especially with extensive device setups.


Take high-quality screenshots of your site on multiple devices with ease.

Integration with Development Workflows

Sizzy integrates well with various development workflows. It supports frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue, and can be used in conjunction with popular build tools and task runners. This compatibility ensures that Sizzy can fit into existing development processes without requiring significant adjustments.

Pricing and Value

Sizzy offers a subscription-based pricing model, with options for individuals and teams. While there is a cost associated with using Sizzy, the value it provides in terms of time saved and the quality of work produced justifies the investment for many developers. The pricing tiers are flexible, allowing users to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget.

For individual developers or small teams, the cost might seem steep initially, but the productivity gains and the ability to deliver polished, responsive designs can lead to significant returns on investment. Larger teams and agencies will find the collaboration features and comprehensive testing capabilities particularly beneficial.

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Sizzy Apsumo Lifetime Deal

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Sizzy is a web browser made specifically for responsive development that lets you handle all your web dev needs from one window. Sizzy Appsumo Deal


Features included in all plans

  • A/B testing
  • API inspector
  • Bookmarks
  • Snippets manager
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Butler workflows and commands
  • Color scheme
  • Console.log for CSS
  • Console
  • Cookies editor
  • CSS overrides
  • Custom debugging panel tabs
  • Custom headers
  • Debug styles

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Sizzy Best for: Developers, Web design agencies, Web designers


Sizzy is a powerful, feature-rich browser that addresses the unique needs of web developers focused on responsive design. Its multi-device preview, integrated developer tools, live reloading, device synchronization, and specialized debugging tools make it an indispensable tool for modern web development.

While it does come with a subscription fee, the time saved and the quality improvements it brings to the development process make Sizzy a worthy investment. For developers and designers aiming to create flawless, responsive websites, Sizzy provides a streamlined, efficient, and effective solution that stands out in the crowded landscape of development tools. Whether working on small projects or large-scale applications, Sizzy equips developers with the capabilities they need to succeed in today’s multi-device world.

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