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Review of SocialJuice: Comprehensive Feature Overview

SocialJuice is a dynamic platform tailored for businesses aiming to enhance their credibility through the effective collection and presentation of customer testimonials. Whether in text or video form, testimonials are crucial for building trust and influencing potential customers. SocialJuice simplifies this process with a host of features designed to streamline review collection, import existing reviews, and seamlessly integrate them into websites and social media. This review delves into the extensive features of SocialJuice and how they benefit businesses.

Customizable Review Forms

One of SocialJuice’s standout features is its customizable review forms. Businesses can create forms tailored to their branding and specific requirements. This customization ensures that the process aligns with the company’s image and makes the review collection process straightforward for customers. The forms are accessible via a simple link, and they work across all devices without requiring an app or login. This ease of use increases the likelihood of customers leaving reviews, thus providing businesses with valuable social proof.

Automated Process

The platform automates the review collection process, significantly reducing the manual effort involved. Once a form is set up, businesses can send it to customers, who can fill it out at their convenience. This automation is designed to enhance the efficiency of gathering feedback and testimonials.


Generate detailed reviews using the conversation between customers and your AI chatbot.

Importing Existing Reviews

SocialJuice supports the importation of existing reviews from over 15 different platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, and more. This feature is invaluable for businesses that already have a repository of customer feedback scattered across various platforms. By centralizing these reviews on SocialJuice, businesses can manage and display all their testimonials from one dashboard.

Redirecting for New Reviews

In addition to importing reviews, SocialJuice can also redirect customers to these platforms to leave new reviews. This functionality is particularly useful for businesses looking to boost their presence on multiple review sites simultaneously. It helps in directing traffic to preferred platforms, increasing the volume and diversity of customer feedback.

Widgets and Embedding Options

SocialJuice offers a variety of widgets to display testimonials on websites. These include carousels, grids, single review displays, and even video testimonial widgets. The platform supports embedding these widgets with a simple copy-paste of a snippet, making it accessible to users with no technical skills. The widgets are compatible with major website platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and others, ensuring wide usability.

Customization and Branding

Businesses can customize these widgets to match their branding, adjusting colors, logos, and other visual elements. Higher-tier plans provide white labeling options, allowing companies to remove SocialJuice branding entirely. This level of customization ensures that testimonials blend seamlessly with the company’s website design.


Transform customer reviews into social posts that you can edit and share online.

Social Sharing

SocialJuice includes features to transform testimonials into visually appealing images that can be shared on social media platforms. This functionality allows businesses to leverage customer feedback across different channels, enhancing their online presence and reach. Social sharing is a powerful tool for amplifying positive customer experiences and attracting new clients.

Centralized Dashboard

All collected and imported testimonials are managed from a centralized dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of all feedback, making it easy for businesses to monitor and respond to customer reviews. The centralized management system simplifies the process of keeping track of customer sentiment and making data-driven decisions to improve service quality.

SocialJuice AI

The introduction of SocialJuice AI adds a layer of sophistication to the platform. This AI tool helps in generating better quality reviews by guiding customers on what to talk about in their testimonials. It reduces friction and makes it easier for clients to leave detailed and useful feedback. This feature can significantly improve the overall quality and relevance of the reviews collected.

Templates and Animation

SocialJuice also offers template management and animation features. Businesses can create templates for their review forms and customize them as needed. The animation feature helps in creating engaging transitions and effects for the testimonials, making them more visually appealing and interactive for website visitors.

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Socialjuice is a video-first customer review platform that lets you easily collect and share written or video testimonials. Socialjuice Appsumo Deal


Features included in all plans

  • Record video testimonials and download videos
  • Video hosting
  • Capture customer information
  • Personalize your page
  • Multiple spaces
  • Templates
  • Use your own branding
  • Dark or light mode
  • QR code generation

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Alternative to: VideoAsk


SocialJuice offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify the process of collecting, managing, and showcasing customer testimonials. From customizable forms and automated review collection to powerful widgets and social sharing capabilities, the platform provides all the tools businesses need to leverage social proof effectively. With flexible pricing plans and advanced features like SocialJuice AI, the platform caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them build trust, increase conversions, and enhance their online presence.

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