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Search engine rankings can feel like an intimidating popularity contest where you’re up against The Plastics from Mean Girls. (“You can’t rank with us!”)

To get your brand out there and hit #1 on the SERP, you’ll need the power of social proof… but you have no idea where to start.

Luckily, there’s a tool that makes leveraging reviews and content from your customers a breeze, giving you the boost you need.



In the ever-evolving digital landscape, managing customer reviews has become crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and build consumer trust. emerges as a prominent player in this domain, offering a comprehensive solution for gathering, managing, and publishing customer reviews across multiple platforms. This review delves into the features, pricing, benefits, and potential drawbacks of to provide a thorough understanding of its capabilities and suitability for various business needs.

Overview of is a cloud-based review management platform designed to help businesses collect and leverage customer feedback to boost credibility and drive sales. The platform facilitates the seamless collection of reviews from customers, which can then be published on the business’s website, social media channels, and Google. This integration ensures that positive customer experiences are visible to a wider audience, thereby enhancing the business’s reputation and encouraging potential customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Showcase reviews on your site with customizable widgets, so customers can easily browse feedback!

Key Features

  1. Automated Review Collection: automates the process of soliciting reviews from customers. Businesses can set up automated email invitations that prompt customers to leave reviews after a purchase. This feature ensures a steady flow of feedback without the need for manual intervention.

  2. Multi-Platform Integration: The platform supports integration with various online channels, including websites, Facebook, and Google. This multi-platform approach ensures that positive reviews reach a broad audience, enhancing the business’s online presence.

  3. Customizable offers customizable widgets that can be embedded on business websites. These widgets display customer reviews in an attractive format, making it easy for visitors to read and trust the feedback.

  4. Feedback Management: The platform provides tools for managing feedback effectively. Businesses can respond to reviews directly through the dashboard, addressing any concerns or thanking customers for their positive comments. This interaction demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  5. Analytical Insights: includes analytical tools that offer insights into customer feedback trends. Businesses can monitor review volumes, average ratings, and other metrics to understand customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement.

  6. API Integration: For businesses with specific needs, offers API integration. This allows for the customization and extension of the platform’s functionalities to fit unique business processes.

  7. Content Assistance The platform provides content assistance, suggesting keywords and phrasing to help customers write detailed and helpful reviews. This feature aims to enhance the quality of the feedback collected.

Make review management a breeze with your own intuitive dashboard.


  1. Enhanced Customer Trust: By displaying genuine customer reviews, businesses can build trust with potential customers. Authentic feedback serves as social proof, which is crucial for converting visitors into buyers.

  2. Improved SEO: Regularly updated review content can improve a website’s SEO ranking. Reviews often contain relevant keywords that search engines index, boosting the site’s visibility.

  3. Increased Sales: Positive reviews can influence purchasing decisions. By showcasing customer satisfaction, businesses can drive more sales and increase revenue.

  4. Efficient Feedback Loop: The platform’s feedback management tools enable businesses to maintain an efficient feedback loop. Responding to reviews shows customers that their opinions are valued, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

  5. Data-Driven Decisions: Analytical insights provided by help businesses make data-driven decisions. Understanding customer sentiment and feedback trends allows for targeted improvements and strategic planning.

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Potential Drawbacks

  1. Limited Free Plan: The freemium plan is quite limited, making it less suitable for larger businesses or those with high order volumes. Most businesses will need to opt for a paid plan to fully benefit from the platform’s features.

  2. Customer Support Issues: Some users have reported slow response times and limited support from the team. For businesses relying on prompt support, this could be a significant drawback.

  3. Learning Curve: While the platform offers a range of features, there may be a learning curve for new users. Familiarizing oneself with the various tools and integrations might require some time and effort.

  4. Dependency on Customer Engagement: The effectiveness of largely depends on customer engagement. If customers do not respond to review invitations, the platform’s value diminishes. Businesses need to ensure they encourage and motivate customers to leave reviews.

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Features included in all plans

  • Review collection
  • Email configuration
  • Showcasing reviews
  • Google stars
  • SEO rocket
  • Mediation
  • Comments
  • Business card
  • Reports and statistics
  • Alerts
  • Google Shopping integration
  • Review tagging
  • A/B testing
  • Reputation manager
  • Q&A module

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Conclusion offers a robust solution for businesses looking to enhance their online reputation through effective review management. With features like automated review collection, multi-platform integration, and detailed analytics, the platform provides the tools necessary to build trust and drive sales. However, businesses should consider the potential drawbacks, such as limited support and the dependency on customer engagement, before committing to the platform.

Overall, stands out as a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, aiming to harness the power of customer feedback to boost their online presence and improve customer relationships. Its flexible pricing plans and comprehensive feature set make it a competitive option in the review management space.

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$69/Lifetime $1,188 (Regularly)


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